So Michelle and Holly are superstars. We had a blast. They are on the road home. Thank you so much.
Jason & Matt - Four Seasons - Punta Mita

Hi. Michelle was great, really great! First look I was a little disappointed but once we got started she completely won me over . I enjoyed my time with her. She has sensuality that is so nice. Thank you I will be contacting you again. I appreciate prompt responses and will do myself in future.
Bruce - Vidanta - Nuevo Vallarta

Thank you for reaching out. I was going to contact you this morning. I was very happy with Miley and really appreciate you doing the right thing after sending a substitute. I own retail stores and customer service is very important. I would absolutely use your services again.
Dan - Villa Premiere - Puerto Vallarta

Hi Brianna I enjoyed meeting you last week very much. Fun to talk too and a very sexy girl. Hope all is well and your relationship with your mom grows even more.
Will - Villa La Estancia - Nuevo Vallarta

Hello Sweet Girl. Kylie, You have been on my mind a lot. I was just so struck by your gentle kindness And how pretty you are. And how sexy and so great to be around. I felt comfort in your arms. I was sad to leave Vallarta.
Please take good care of yourself.
Jim - Pinnacle 220 - Puerto Vallarta

Everything was great with Jade: Very punctual, funny and of course beautiful...
Great experience all around... Thanks.
Peter - Motel Blu - Puerto Vallarta

Miley, That was wonderful. Thank you. Bonita senorita!
Daniel - Grand Miramar - Conchas Chinas

I fell in love with Kylie. Not only is she gorgeous with a Perfect body, she is fun, happy and playful. Where do you find such quality young ladies!? She was the best I have ever been with and I'm 64 yrs old.
Nate - Playa Los Arcos - Old Town - Puerto Vallarta

Thank You! Gia is a GREAT girl! So pretty oh, and so horny! Wow I don't think I've been with a girl that good-looking who wanted to please me that much.
Frank - Fiesta Inn - Puerto Vallarta

Jade was amazing! Thanks so much for setting this up. She looks great and really knows how to have a good time 10 out of 10!
Brad - Pinnacle 220 - Puerto Vallarta

I had a really good time! Holly is very attractive and fun to talk to. I enjoyed the date more than I expected!
Alan - Now Amber - Puerto Vallarta

Marilyn is an angel. I love everything about her. Soft, smooth, sexy and so willing to please.
Nate - Motel Blu - Puerto Vallarta

Wow! Gia was fabulous. So hot! Young and fresh. I ate ever part of her below the belly button for the complete hour. I must see her again before I head back to the States.
James - Gran Sol Motel - Puerto Vallarta

Tiffany is beautiful and so fun super intelligent just down to earth and easy to talk to!! Enjoyed it!!!
Deanna & Chris - Marriott - Puerto Vallarta

Jade is Top shelf!! Thank you! Couldn’t have been better. Damn.
Joe – Pinnacle 220 – Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, It’s been three weeks since my friends and I visited PV. The purpose of this is to let you know how a truly wonderful lady Michelle is. Smart, intellectual, well read and her photos don’t do her justice of how beautiful she is both inside and out. I could go on and on, but as you know she is special and I will never forget the opportunity and time I was able to spend with her. Mind you this was not the plan, but she will forever be a memory I never want to forget. I never imagined I would fall for another woman, as I am married and love my wife, but Michelle was and is a ten on all levels. Thank you again for working with me on making my buddies birthday great and unexpectedly mine to.
Josh – Flamingos – Nuevo Vallarta

Miley was energetic and her body was great. It shows that she works out five days a week. She definitely has stamina to go for awhile. She was all smiles, happy, fun and pleasant to be with. You still run the most professional service I have used anywhere. Thank you!
Bill- Motel Blu

Jadelyn provided an excellent service, super beautiful and sexy body… very nice and sweet personality! I will ask for her again!! Thanks.
Mark- Plaza Peninsula- Puerto Vallarta

Hi, Just wanted to say how great of a time I had with Jadelyn. She really made my day, as I was just leaving PV. My time with her would beat out the beaches, any day!
Kent- Gran Sol Motel

Miley, I hope you won’t make it necessary for me to reach out to someone new. I encountered you as someone unbelievably special. Would like to see you again!
Ryan- Old Town Airbnb- Puerto Vallarta

Miley, meeting you was wonderful. Very wonderful. I can’t get you off my mind but. We did connect and you were a huge highlight of my trip.
Bert- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn was well worth the extra effort. She’s a goddess! It’s been a pleasure working with you! You have a nice company. Hope we’ll get the chance again in the future……
Chris – FOUR SEASONS- Punta Mita

The girls were great!! Five stars plus. We had a GREAT time!
Butch & 5 amigos- Private yacht – Puerto Vallarta Marina

Fawn was amazing. Not only beautiful, but happy, nice, and very engaging. When people smile, they make other’s around them happy and her smile did just that. That’s everything I could have asked. I’ve bookmarked several of the restaurant suggestions. She seems to be an ambassador for PV ? We shared pics of our dogs and talked about family too. A great all around time!
Bill – Motel Blu- Marina Vallarta

Jadelyn is a very pretty girl. Straight forward and upfront with sexuality. She was fun witty and pleasing. I am happy I got to meet her. If time allows I will try to see her again on this trip, but if not I will definitely call on her again in future visits. As for satisfaction I will definitely give her a 10/10. Thanks again and sorry about the issue getting her into the hotel.
David Sunset Plaza- Puerto Vallarta

Thank you Melissa. I very much enjoyed my time with Jadelyn. Your description in the roster is more than accurate. She was fun, sincere and has an honest heart. One day when I return I hope to be able to do this again. I’m thankful to see what I was missing. This has helped me physically and mentally. I hope I was as good for her as she was for me…….please do pass on my wishes for a great life for her.
Kurt from Canada- Marriott Puerto Vallarta

Michelle was great. She was perfect, sweet and caring person. The conversation flowed very well. She was very cute with a great body also very genuine. Thank you Mely!
Joe- Westin – Puerto Vallarta

Thanks Melissa, Michelle was very good and perfect. Kind, just the right one for me. Met my full expectation. SHE A KEEPER!
Mike- Motel Blu

Hi Melissa. I forgot to mention how amazing my date was with Jade. Didn’t have anything special planned, just hung out together. But it became even more special than the night before. Jade is so amazing! Wish I could’ve spent more evenings with her but my daughter came to visit, which is tremendous fun of another sort (except the hangover parts hahaha). Anyhow, could not have possibly imagined a better time than the time I spent with Jade. Hopefully I’ll be down later this year and if so I’ll be sure to see if possible to see my friend Jade again. Much love to Jade ❤️and to you! ?
Dan- Pinnacle 360

Melissa, Last night Tiffany and Natasha were class acts. Wonderful woman and a lot of fun, Ernie was very happy and we accomplished our goal. Thank you again
James Flamingos NV.

Despite all the changes, yesterday turned into quite an adventure. We love Michelle, first class all the way. We had a quite suburb time.
Jim & Ernie- Flamingos NV

Thanks Melissa. Had a most delightful evening with Jade. She’s very engaging, and quick to have a good time. We enjoyed a good bottle of red wine and listened to tunes while on my balcony in old town watching the partying tourists below. Although nothing would have been better than being exactly where I was with Jade. She is extraordinarily beautiful and sexually uninhibited. She’s very open to let me dictate the pace of our activities and I felt she definitively enjoyed the pleasuring as much as I did. She’s a terrific kisser! What I truly love about Jade is her goofy sense of humor and her having no qualms about discussing anything. She has really good taste in music and turned turned me on to some good stuff. What a wonderful soul! Would love to hang out with her again this evening! That’s how much I enjoyed last night. Thanks again.
David- Pinnacle 360

Gracias, Michelle was very kind and sweet. For my first time, I could not have asked for anyone better!
Kurt- Garza Blanca- Mismaloya

That was amazing! Fawn is super sweet, sexy (of course) but an awesome person. Exactly the experience I was wanting. Thank you!!
Paul- Holiday Inn Express- Puerto Vallarta

Miley was fantastic! She arrived on time, was super sweet and hot! Thank you!
Adam- FOUR SEASONS – Punta Mita

Jessie was great. Very pretty and certainly the body type I prefer. Everything went well! She is so pretty and sweet!
Frank – Villa Premiere- Puerto Vallarta

I must thank you for my introduction to Jade. Two dates so far. A really sweet and authentically charming Latin queen. A no bullshit companion to hang out with. Took her on a whale watching ride and then for a ride of our own. What a sweetheart.
Peter – Westin Puerto Vallarta

As far as Jade is concerned, she is beautiful. You were right about her pictures not doing her justice. She is full of life, kind, understanding and ready to please. She has a body that is second to none. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my time with her. Being my first time, I was a little apprehensive, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She did everything to make me fell at ease and I thank her for that. Well done Jade.
Gene- Pinnacle 360- Puerto Vallarta

Thank you Jadelyn! Wow! I wanted to say thank you. Beautiful, charming girl.
John- El Tigre – Nuevo Vallarta.

Staci is beautiful! Professional and a young woman of high quality. I had a great time!
Robert- Westin Puerto Vallarta.

Hi Melissa, Everything was great and Staci was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and eased all of my worries. Thank you again and have a great holiday season!
Dan- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Good Morning Melissa, Just want to say I had a fabulous time with Jade. The time I’m with her seems to pass very fast. The two hours seem like a half an hour. The only reason I came back this fast to Puerto Vallarta was to see Jade. I fancy Jade a lot. I usually come back with my golf mates months but not this fast. I am in Love! Cheers
William- Marriot Puerto Vallarta.

I had a unforgettable experience with Jade last week; I literally fell in LOVE with her! I will be back to PV in 2 more months just to see her again thanks; Also, I will be back in town in the Spring and hoping to see her again then too.
Peter- Grand Luxxe NV

Hi, I rarely write or follow up with services that I have used in the past. If it is a good experience, I tell others. However, in this case I feel it is warranted to send a Thank You and to let you know that you truly run a first-class operation. We were four men here on business in a luxury villa. We are not cheap by any means ( The private villa ran us 2,800 US per night) . We are all quite successful businessmen. Thus, when it came to choosing four females to spend time with us, our expectations were not lofty.We took the time to actually study and research who we thought was the best agency, with the prettiest and most up-scale girls. We decided that you girls at PV Playmates, “looked” like the best outfit in town. It was your communication, photos and over-all feeling we felt when corresponding with you. To say our expectations were exceeded, is an understatement! Fawn, Holly, Jade and Staci, were not only pretty, upscale and beautiful, but they were quality young women! We laughed, conversed about many topics and then when it came to the fun time, all of us were in awe! Cudos to whatever it is you are doing! Keep doing it! After experiencing your flock, we are confident there is nothing better in Puerto Vallarta, or in Mexico for that matter. The girls spoke English., they dressed fantastic and were happy and warm. The price was fair and we felt we got more than what we paid for. I will recommend you to others like us, successful gentleman who prefer nothing but the best in all things.. Hats off to you and your team PV Playmates! Incredible and Fantastic service!- We will use you again on our visit next year.
Patrick, Rick, Steven and Jonathon- Conchas Chinas via San Francisco, CA

Hi Melissa. Staci was excellent. She was very friendly and of course very beautiful. Thank you.
Gordon- Villa Premiere- Puerto Vallarta

Holly got here without any major problems. I have to say, she was unbelievably beautiful. She got me to places I haven’t been to in a few years, even places my wife couldn’t get me. I can not say enough about her skills, not just sexual, but also emotionally and mentally. I may have just ready to feel like a man for real, but she brought it out of me. I told her I wanted to keep her and bring her back to the USA. Seriously, she was wonderful. She even laughed at my corny jokes. Thank you for keeping her as my date for this afternoon. It is going to be a long time before this grin on my face goes away, she made me that happy!
Joe- Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta

Jade got here as I emailed you. She was wonderful, we laughed, teased each other. I told her she was not a hooker, she was my date, my girlfriend and that was how I was going to treat her. I would hate to have to choose between her and Fawn for another date. I was thinking about trying to get one of them here Friday, but I am scheduled for an 8 hour fishing trip tomorrow and not sure how tired I’d be, so I will keep your info for my next trip to PV. You and your ladies are a big part of why I want to come back. I have not been this happy since I can remember. Thank you and you girls.
Gene – Mayan Palace- Nuevo Vallarta.

Staci was really nice. Although extremely tight. Wow. Very difficult to penetrate. Not sure if she practices a squeeze technique if possible or just her age etc. First time ever that a condom was literally peeled off me she was so tight. That was when I pulled out. It was left hanging out of her pussy. Hopefully I’m not offending…def not meant to.Yes! I would see her again! Thanks. ?
Mark- Westin Marina Vallarta

Jade, Thank you for a wonderful experience! I really enjoyed our time. You’re beautiful! Sexy and lovely on the inside as well as the outside. Until we meet again.
Tim- Villa del Palmar

You’re so pretty Jade. More like beautiful. Just the way about you, besides your amazing looks.
Mark – Conchas Chinas

Jade, I loved how nice you are, how sweet. It’s a bonus that you’re laid-back and fun to be around. Not to mention you are drop dead gorgeous and a tiger in the cama! A perfect woman!
James – Marriott

WOW! Brianna! What an incredible encounter with a lovely, erotic young lady. I ate her pussy for two hours and enjoyed her orgasms immensley!
Curt- Sunset Plaza- PV

Buenos Dias Melissa! Brianna was awesome! She was very friendly, personable and easy to talk to. I think it’s tricky sometimes to just meet someone and try to make a connection and I think it’s important for the experience. I’m a bit of a softie and I like whomever I’m with to also enjoy themselves otherwise I won’t. By the time she left I felt very comfortable as if I’d known her for a while. There wasn’t anything that could have been better! Thank you so much! She’s a gem!
Curt- Garza Blanca – Puerto Vallarta

Hey Melissa, Just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic time last night with Michelle. She’s really great. I’d love to see her again! Thanks for helping make my vacation one to remember!
Jason- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa; I just wanted to thank you. Fawn is an amazing human being and gives me hope.You have no idea how healing this is for me mentally. Thank you for being so kind and helpful. I’m coming back to PV in a few weeks and I would love to see her again. Maybe next time I will be more confident.
Joe – Velas Vallarta

Thanks. Fawn was out of this world! Tell me who writes the description of the girls? They are not only accurate but extremely well written with a great sense of humor and grasp of the English language. I must say this has been nothing but an excellent experience. We felt safe from being ripped off. Your pricing was always as stated without up-charges, and the girls were the ones promised. They all lived up to their expectations and sometimes exceeded them. Until next time!
Richard- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Hi there. I had the pleasure of meeting Brianna on Saturday and I just wanted to say how pleased I was. On paper. I thought I was looking for something else,and she wasn’t my first pick,however I could not have been more happy! Her looks, aura and full firm body have left me smiling from ear to ear. Anyways, I just felt the need to share that.
Randy- ONE Hotel – Puerto Vallarta

Melissa…Wow! I told “Michelle” she has the most succulent sweet little titties and she should advertise them a bit. Not every client wants huge pendulous melons. Tightest body I can remember. And she was fun. As promised. GOOD recommendation!
Paul- Villa Premiere – Puerto Vallarta

In love for sure this time! Brianna! What a sweet, beautiful, completely sexy girl. Thank you Mely. Sigh.
James – Hard Rock- NV

Melissa, Brianna was everything you said and more. She was warm, engaging, passionate and a total delight to be with. I guess that’s why I hoped we could have spent more time together.
Larry – Estancia – Nuevo Vallarta

Hi Melissa, I must tell you that Fawn just keeps getting better and better. What a hermosa young lady she has become. That chick has it all. She must be one of the top ten beautiful women with whom I have the pleasure of knowing intimately. Plus she is very hot in bed and has a great attitude.
Scott- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Natasha was a pleasure to spend a couple hours with…witty, intelligent, warm and talented.
James – Nuevo Vallarta

Fawn you are really special and I really enjoyed meeting you. I think I like you too much. ? I know that’s not supposed to happen, but the connection with you was wonderful. I would like to see you again. ???? Feliz Navidad, corazon hermosa.
Jason- Westin Marina Vallarta.

Melissa thanks so much for arranging the Tiffany meet, she was amazing!!
Frank- Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Good morning, Melissa, My visit with Marilyn worked out very nicely. She was as promoted or better which is a nice change of pace in our ever increasing world of spinning the story…Thanks again.
Matt-Hard Rock- Nuevo Vallarta

Tiffany, Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for 1) an outstanding experience & 2) for meeting me short notice. You’re the best!
John – Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

Thank you again for your highly appreciated professional services and top-shelf list of beautiful ladies. Each in their own way is truly amazing!
Bill- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Buena dias Melissa, What a beautiful morning to be alive. I believe that Marilyn from last night has spoiled me forever. What a beautiful fun loving, eager to please, sexy woman she is.
William- Pinnacle -Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, Thank you for suggesting Michelle she was a pure delight and top notch in every department.– Warmest regards
Bennett- Bonaventura- Puerto Vallarta

Good afternoon, Holly was a delight yesterday, I must say and well worth the wait. She is the most well spoken and eager to please of any of the ladies I have met in a long time WOW!
Bill- Villa Premier-Puerto Vallarta

Fawn is Fawn….no need to expound on that. I just can’t believe it had been over 3 years since I saw here last. I should have booked her both days. After 6-7 Os last night (I lost count) she probably needed to sleep in this morning.
Joe- Gran Sol

Michelle….OMG. She said she broke her leg and has been out a while. I believe she said it had been 2 1/2 months since she last had sex. Based on her performance, I believe it. She banged me like a 18 year old nympho. Still as pretty and passionate as ever….she remains a favorite of mine.
John- Motel Blu

Marylin was great. She was more “let’s get to business” than most of the other girls I’ve seen. After she relaxed, I’m pretty sure she had a good time. Tall, lean and scrumptious!
James – Westin – PV

Thanks for today, Ms Tiffany. You were great and exactly what I needed. You’re also very beautiful! ?
Denny- Westin- Puerto Vallarta.

Brianna was very sweet. Very oral. Great great breasts. Just a magnificent experience.
Joe- Plaza Peninsula – Puerto Vallarta.

Brianna, It was absolute pleasure meeting you. I hope you had an enjoyable time too! You’re amazing!!
Andy- Secrets – Puerto Vallarta.

Jessie has an awesome body,really good looking, I think she’s new to the business so is a bit shy but not a problem. I enjoyed her company and would see her again tomorrow or the next day,she’s my new favorite girl!
Rick- Westin Puerto Vallarta.‌

We had a GREAT time with Brianna. More sexier than we thought. So horny, my wife came over and over again! Success!
Bill & Anna – Pinnacle – Puerto Vallarta

Marilyn is a little taller than most Mexicana gals. Also prettier and hotter haha. She speaks very good English. Enthusiastic, personable, and attentive to the client. I had a great time.
David- Velas Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, Kaylie is a very sweet young lady. She was a lot of fun and had a great attitude. Another one of your non-professional acting professionals. Very horny in bed too. Please let me know when Marilyn is ready to come over for a visit. Thanks
Scott- ME Cabo- Cabo San Lucas

Marilyn, I just got back to my hotel. Thank you for making my vacation so special, awesome and fun. You’ve been on my mind this whole trip. Why am I so crazy about you? Here is my proposal. I want more of you. You make me happy and I know I could make your life easy and happy. When your ready for a change in life, please consider moving to the US and let me take care of you. I can offer a nice house, your own car, and can hang out at the gym or spa or wherever you want and spoil me on my off time. I will pay your visa if you want to do this. Something to think about for you. But I know your life could be so much easier and happier if you took me up on it. I need someone like you to spoil me and you know I’m a good guy and will treat you like the princess you are. I will be glad to prove anything to you to show I’m telling the truth. I’ll show you my income tax returns that show my income. Lol. If you don’t want to, that’s OK too. But I would like to keep in touch and see you more. I am in LOVE with you!
Dave- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Michelle was absolutely the most awesome girl you would ever want to spend time with. I enjoyed every part of our time together. She is beautiful and a sweet!
Tom- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Marilyn, It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. I will hopefully see again soon. Let me know if you’re interested in spending more time with me. How much 24 or 48 hours would cost. I’ll probably be back down in a month or two. Thank you again
John- Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, Marilyn was perfect: Beautiful body, great smile and attitude, perfect groove for this encounter. I will certainly see her again soon. Thanks for a great service.
Peter- Gran Sol Motel- Puerto Vallarta

Good morning, we had a wonderful time with both Marilyn and Kaylie and they seemed to also have a good time.Thank you for the recommendation
Chris and Gwen. Westin – Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, WOW! Tiffany exceeded our expectations. My husband said it was the BEST 2 hrs of his life!
Samantha & Curt- Secrets- Puerto Vallarta

Marilyn was amazing, how do you fall in love with someone you just met ? Tall, thin, smells like teen spirit.. Great eyes, even better smile. I am in LOVE !
Alan – Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta.

Amber was in great form this weekend. I think I’ve seen her 7-8 times since 2013 and she just gets prettier and better with age. Thanks for taking care of me this weekend.
Joe- ME Cabo.

Michelle was amazing. Of the 2 hours she was here, we spent 90 minutes just talking. I could spend and entire weekend with her and not get bored. While she isn’t the typical hard body like Fawn or, the Girl Next Door, like Amber…..She is by far the most sensual, passionate lover I have encountered. This lady knows how to make a man feel wanted. I will definitely see her again if our paths should cross. Thank you
Eric Villa del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas

Hello and good afternoon to you. It is Bill again. Brianna was delight and I had an amazing time with her. I am looking forward to seeing what is on the menu for today and available for this evening around 7 to 8 pm. I hope to have someone that is similar to Brianna that has her enthusiasm, talents and amazing skills. Patiently waiting for your reply along with pictures of the extremely beautiful ladies. Satisfied customer from Chicago
Bill. Plaza Pelicanos- Puerto Vallarta

Gracias, Melissa. Back in the States now. Wanted to say we had absolutely the best evening on Thursday. Michelle was beyond imagination, an amazing experience. ?
Devin & Liz – Hyatt Ziva- Puerto Vallarta

I loved Michelle, she is so sweet. I was in love the whole time. Thanks and say hi to her for me.
Scott Motel Blu. Puerto Vallarta.

Brianna was incredible. It was a night to remember for both of us. ? Also, amazing hair. Wow.
Kevin & Erin- Villa Premiere. Puerto Vallarta.

Kaylie was exceptional and will have to repeat her and Fawn next time I am back in Vallarta.
Sam- Paradise Village- Nuevo Vallarta.

Michelle. I had a very good time with you. Love your personality, and one day you will find the luckiest guy in the world. You are not just beautiful outside sweetie, your really a beautiful person on the inside. I can tell that after only meeting you for one hour… Wish I could met you under other circumstances, for a dinner or something… But I understand you don’t do that with an old guy like me️️ I wish you the very best️ Take care!
Bob- Gran Sol – Puerto Vallarta.

Kaylie was amazing. A beautiful person, we had a lot of fun. ?
Kurt and Ellen- Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, thanks for coordinating my meeting with Michelle tonight. She was extraordinarily fabulous! When I return I’d be very interested in seeing her again. Thanks again. Cheers!
David- Playa Los Arcos. Puerto Vallarta.

Brianna has a very nice face and has good o skills and is a very good kisser.
Sam – Paradise Village- Nuevo Vallarta

Melissa, Thank you for sending Fawn my way, she was outstanding. I will have to repeat before I return home from my vacation.
Scott- Marival- Nuevo Vallarta

Michelle is really sweet and very pretty. I would definitely see her again!
Ellis- Gran Sol Motel- PV

Fawn ,wow I am speechless. I want to see you again tomorrow, please. I ( like all the guys I bet) want to take you home with me … hahah. The BEST!
Kevin- Four Season- Punta Mita.

Michelle is very outgoing and friendly. Besides, being incredibly sexy and attractive. Worth repeating for when I return.
James – Westin – Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, I had a great time last night! Michelle is an amazing girl. One of the BEST I have ever been with. Thanks for everything.
Frank-Buenaventura Hotel- Puerto Vallarta

Brianna is terrific! Pretty, cute and very, very sexual. Warm kisses, so pleasurable. She was great!!
Mark- Krystal- Puerto Vallarta.

Wow, Kaylie was even better than expected. Damn! baby got back and front! So beautiful and such a pleasant, pleasing attitude. I will definitely see her again.
Alex- Gran Sol- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn, I had such a great time with you! Finally a girl who showed up who was even BETTER than her already awesome photos. I was so pleasantly surprised and altogether elated. You blew me away both figuratively and aesthetically. You are exactly as advertised. In a cesspool of fakes and hardened street urchins you my dear, are a jewel. I’d like to see you again tomorrow if you would be kind enough to grace me with your gorgeous presence once again.
Curt- Vila Premere – Puerto Vallarta.

Hello. Amber told me you write the emails for her. Amber was great! She is beautiful and I’m so glad she came over. I don’t know when I’ll be back to Cabo but when I do hopefully I can hang out with both of you for a longer time (Amber said you were very pretty too).
Jack- Fiesta Americana- Cabo San Lucas.

Thank you Mely. And thank you God for Holly. She’s as pretty and sweet as a Montana spring morning after a rain. Smells as good too.
James- Grand Luxxe- Nuevo Vallarta

I liked JJ – pretty, great smile, warm….HOT!
Alan- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Good morning, Melissa! I am in love with Fawn! She exceeded my expectations! She is a beautiful, gracious and charming young woman. And, she has an unbelievably fabulous body!!! What fun! I am very sorry my room was so hard for her to find. I should have given better directions. But, it all worked out. Be sure to tell Fawn how very much I enjoyed meeting her. Take good care of Fawn. I will look forward to seeing her the next time I am in PV! Warm regards
Fred. Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn was incredible! Even prettier than I imagined. Also, her attitude is what sets her apart from anyone else. A true “10”! Wow!
Mark- Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

Great time with Amber….but I wouldn’t have recognized her on the street. She’s blossomed from a freckled face teen to a lovely young lady!
Eric- Bahia- Cabo San Lucas

Thank you Melissa. Sydney was a darling. She arrived right on time with a smile on her face. She has an amazing body with her perky breasts and very responsive nipples….oops too much info? I definitely will see her again.
John- Hotel Playa Los Arcos.

Hi, Rachel. I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing time last night. I know the traffic delay was frustrating. But you were totally communicative and professional. When you arrived, I felt comfortable, excited, and ready to go. You are beautiful and strong. Take care
Henry- Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta

Thanks Melissa. I had a fantastic time with Fawn. Wow! you were right. She is world class! I’m speechless, but with a smile ?
Paul – Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

Kendall was awesome. Had a great time!! So young and pretty. Thanks
Thomas Motel Los Angeles- Puerto Vallarta

Wow! Nikki blew me away ( literally haha). 8 hrs was not enough. I’d like to see her for another 8 hrs today, if she is available? You guys have the best quality of females I have ever experienced!
Rod -Westin- Puerto Vallara

I just wanted to thank you for the other day. Kendall is a very special lady and works very hard to please. Was an incredible time for me! Until next time and I hope she is still with you then!
Fred- Playa Los Arcos

Nikki, when I found your ad on Backpage. I was skeptical. It’s famous for false photos and scams. You are BY FAR the most attractive person I’ve met on that site. The others on the site commonly lie about their looks, use fake photos, tend to have tattoos and drug addiction problems. You’re unique and valuable. Also, in my opinion, you’re worth more, especially compared to others in Puerto Vallarta. You’re so good, that I would consider making you my “sugar baby”, which is fun if you’re not in a relationship already. If you’re married or committed it wouldn’t work. I’d also consider flying you to Cabo for visits. I have a villa there on the beach. You’d be treated like a princess, just like the one you are.
Wayne – Westin Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, I want to thank you. I think I had been your Client now for almost 3 years, and all your Playmates are a 10+.I do not know how you do that but every time I have a new Playmate, is better and better, and everyone one of them is so unique good, they care about the client, they are not in a rush to go anywhere but most important they are BEAUTIFUL!! Kaylie exceed all my expectations, fun, erotica, playful, I can go on and on. THANK YOU!!
Thomas- Cabo San Lucas.

Oh wow… Rachel was terrific! I wasn’t expecting someone so tall. She clearly works out and was also quite strong and fit. Just a lot of woman! An absolute pleasure
David- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Rachel was truly amazing. A beautiful woman and … without being crude … her rear end could probably end a lot of the world’s problems. It was spectacular!
Derick- Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

Megan, you were the best part of my vacation. I wanted to see you again but my vacation was planned. I hope you remember me for the next time I come. I will want to see you again, many times. I need to leave my hotel at 10am. Thinking of you. Stay sweet
Andrew – Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta

Kaylie, I had so much fun with you. You are a sweet kind woman. So gorgeous! I love your smile! I will be thinking of you all winter.
Ray – Playa Losa Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

I wanted you to know, Kaylie became something of the leader and guided the adventure in such a fun-loving way. I think it really helped that Kaylie and Kendall are actually friends. The whole thing was wildly beyond anything I could have expected. It was never weird or uncomfortable. It was just pure unadulterated fun, from beginning to end. The second time, I was worried it couldn’t live up to the first. It did! Somehow, we managed to really bring back the magic. Truly, just an excellent experience all around. Kaylie is a flat- out 10! Oddly, Kendall isn’t really my “type”, in that I am typically drawn to thicker women. Kendall is slight and appears very young. When she walked into the room, I was worried she was TOO young. If memory serves, she’s in her early 20’s. Totally legal, but she appears quite young! However, her bubbly personality and infectious free spirit may have actually made her my favorite of the bunch. Hard to know. The two of them together are lightening in a bottle …
Jay- Pinnacle- Puerto Valalarta

I would also love to see April, again. If you ever send her this way, also let me know. My time with her was amazing. She is stunning and a wonderful personality, as well!
James- El Pedregal Motel-Puerto Vallarta

Kaylie is completely flawless and 100% natural. Beautiful skin, face … even perfect teeth! Just a stunning woman. Truly, just an excellent experience all around.
David- Play Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Hola, Melissa! Incredible experience, last night with Kendall and Kaylie! Wow a DYNAMIC duo! Thank you. Sorry I was late. I was driving and do not know this city. I got a bit lost. In any event, I think I’d like to do it again! The level of quality and service exceeded my expectations.
Dan- Pinnacle- Puerto Vallarta

Kendall was great. She was every bit as good as any other girl on your team and probably my number 1 selection on your roster right now. I’d put her up there in the same category as Miley and Megan, but you’ve probably figured out by now that I like the young, thin, naive ones. She told me I was her first appointment ever, and I thought she was bullshitting me based on her performance.
Alan- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, Thank you so much! Fawn is the most incredible person ever. Even though we enjoyed Rachel and Holly it was wonderful just getting to know them they are sweet girls. Like I said before we are newbies to ever experiencing anything like this! Fawn made this experience one to last a life time! I adore her I can’t give her enough compliments!! We can’t thank you enough for you amazing customer service. You have spiced up our sex life like no other!! Please let her know that she is incredible,fun,sexy,amazing!! Thank you and we will be back.
Shawn and Carrie- Marriott – Puerto Vallarta

Fawn,you are a very sweet and beautiful lady! If you have time in the morning before I leave then I would love to see you again? Short notice so understand if you cannot. You’re the best of every girl I have ever been with.
Jerry- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Miley was great to talk to and has an enjoyable personality. A bit shy though and therefore could be a little more entrepreneurial for the entire moment to pass seamlessly. Physical-wise, she has pleasant curves & a nice toned body great ass ? She is passionate and tender in bed and does not rush the moment which was highly appreciated.
Daniel- 4 Seasons Punta Mita

Wow Fawn! I was so blown away! I never thought you would be so pretty and with such a great attitude. I would really like to do 8 hrs with you this Tuesday if that is okay with you? You are worth so much more than $. I think I am in love haha
Todd- Hilton Cabo San Lucas.

Rachel, I would like to say thank you for our time spent together. You are a truly beautiful, caring, sensual young lady with the perfect body and personality. I really enjoyed our time together and hope you did to. Take Care,
Daniel- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta

I found Holly on ‘Backpage’. Although initially unavailable [out of the country!] she was quick to follow up and juggle matching calendars and even changed cars and locations so that we could meet. So very accommodating. THEN, well, all the administrivia was worth it! She has a smooth, curvy and firm body. No misleading pics. I’m not good at this but I’d say 5’5″, 120 lbs. Large firm C cup, could be small D with gorgeous bronze, perky nipples. Marvelous and engaging foreplay. And guess what? She has a brain! Well traveled with interests for more. Although almost the most expensive price in P.V. the experience was a great VALUE!
Dennis- Gran Sol- Puerto Vallarta

April, WOW so PRETTY!Thank you again for the visit. You are gorgeous!
Todd- Hotel RIO- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, I don’t even have words to describe how perfect Rachel is. If ANY couple is looking for a recommendation, she is the stuff fantasies are made of. She’s beautiful, friendly, passionate, and really has a unique gift for working with couples. Thank you again for another perfect night!
Anna & David- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta

Hello Holly, I hope you understand this because it would take too long to write in Spanish for me. Just want to say that I had a great time with you and hope to see you again in the near future. I was so mesmerized by your beauty that I felt I was in a trance.That I just wanted to say to you wow!!!!! And Thank You!!!!!!
Jonathan- Westin -Puerto Vallarta

Hola Fawn,I had a great time with you. I wish I spoke more Spanish because you were really sweet. I’m sorry I was too crazy for you, it’s been a while. I hope you would be willing to see me again. We’ll cut it off after round one next time and I’ll spend the rest of the time adoring you.
Nathan- Buenventura- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa. Oh my Fawn was amazing so amazing that my poor husband is light headed haha. Seriously, loved out time with Fawn today!!We are beyond impressed with your service and I would love to fly one of your amazing girls out to surprise my husband for his birthday. We are here till Sunday! Would love to use your service again
Sharon & Jim- Grand Miramar- Conchas Chinas.

Fawn, WOW what a beautiful soul! I would like to see her again tomorrow, at 5:00, if she is available. Thanks
Fred- Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta.

Fawn was great, was beautiful and had an amazing attitude! Thank you
Jason- Paradise Village – Nuevo Vallarta

I Love you Miley. You’re the Best! Take care.
Duke- Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Miley, Im sorry you had to wait at the door but Im so happy you waited and we got together. You are such a beautiful women. So MUCH fun thank you !!!
Dan- Buenaventura Hotel- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn, You’re wonderful, thank you. I enjoyed meeting, talking and playing together.I genuinely hope to see you and spend some time again.
Jordan- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Morning Brianna thanks for last night it was good. Wait, it was exceptional haha! You are AWESOME! I am going have a great day ? Thanks
William- Sayulita- Puerto Vallarta

I would like to see Fawn again. She is a wonderful young lady! I enjoyed the time I had with her. I gave her much pleasure. I enjoyed pleasuring her. She is a goddess!
Dan – Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, We wanted to thank you for recommending Miley last evening. She is awesome and very beautiful, and we had a great time. Above and beyond our expectations. Couldn’t have been more perfect. We would love to see her again next time we’re in town!
Chri & Emily – Sheraton – Puerto Vallarta

Tiffany was so great! She exceeded both mine and my husbands expectations. Tiffany’s a five star girl. We will definitely use yourservice again on our next visit. We were blown away by your professionalism and integrity
John & Michelle – Four Seasons- PuntaMita.

April arrived on time. Zero issues entering our resort. She was awesome! Excellent. We were novices and she treated us very well. Thank you!
Kurt & Emily. Buenaventura Grand Hotel & Spa- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa,We had three extraordinary women, Rachel, Brianna & April, help me celebrate my birthday last night with thanks to you and my wonderful and sneaky husband. Truly thank you. It was amazing! Best birthday ever! You have very gifted women working with you. Class and fun the whole time. Thanks
The birthday girl Lindsey- Hyatt Ziva- Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy, it was a pleasure to meet you. We both had a very good time. Good luck with your graphic design studies.
Chris and Melanie- Penninsula- Puerto Vallarta

April was a really sweet girl and she aims to please. She is a charmer with a bubbly personality. I had a lot of fun with her!
Thomas- Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

Tiffany, I just got back from dinner and still got a big smile on my face ? WOW! You’re AWESOME! Best head I have ever had. I’ll try see you again before I leave but if not see you on my next visit!
Dan- Buenventura Hotel. Puerto Vallarta

Hello Mandy, It’s Scott from ME, thank you so much for coming to see me, you are an absolutely stunning young woman, I would love to see you again. I wish we both weren’t leaving tomorrow. If I’m back in Mexico soon, how would I get a hold of you? My personal number is xxx xxx xxxx. Next time I will take you out for a nice dinner, some wine, you are now the best part of my trip to Cabo. Lots of kisses until next, Ciao senorita. Xox
Scott- ME Cabo San Lucas

Hi again! I had a really great time with Holly! She is not only beautiful and sweet, she has an unbelievable body! Also, your recommendation of the Blu Motel worked out well. If all of your girls are like her, I will be seeing more of them again and again. Thanks
Thomas- Krystal Puerto Vallarta

Rachel, Hope you got back home OK. We had an EXCELLENT time with you! It is refreshing to know there is a girl like you here in PV. Was so nice meeting you, see you next time!
Aaron & Melina – Hyatt Ziva – Puerto Vallarta

Amber, WOW you were Excellent!!! My favorite part was kissing your soft , sexy skin ? Take care beautiful it was really great meeting you! You made my trip very memorable!
Jack- Tesoro Cabo San Lucas.

Hola Fawn, I’m just back in my hotel in Puerto Morelos. Just a few words to THANK YOU for the superb moments spent with you. You’re a really beautiful person. Not only your body is splendid but also your mind. I truly appreciated. Too bad you won’t be here anymore in 8 days… ? I would love to see you again. Be safe. You deserve a wonderful life. XXX
Jonathon- Chocolate Motel, Playa del Carmen

Thank You Fawn!! You were awesome and made this the best birthday yet. You were even more beautiful in person. ? Next time I’m in Mexico I will definitely get in touch. Thanks Again!!
Matt- Barcelo- Playa del Carmen


We had a lot of fun with Tiffany ? WOW!! Not only so great in bed , but such a warm and excellent person to be around. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Jim & Joanne- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Oh my my my. Just when I thought it could not be better after miss Jessie, along comes Holly. Wow. Beautiful, hot, sweet all in one package. Plus more. I’m in total absolute love. Thank you my friend.
Joel- Marriott Puerto Vallarta.

Hi Crissi. Well it’s been a month since we met and guess what – I think of you every day. Miss that smile and a few other things ? Saw your new photos – very very nice. Hope all is well. Let me know when you are heading back to school. Don’t want to plan a trip down to Cabo and find out you aren’t there : )
Nate- Pueblo Bonito Blanco. Cabo San Lucas.

Had a fun time with Fawn. Very nice girl. Thank You. She is awesome!
Phillip- Westin -Puerto Vallarta

Thanks Melissa. We had a great time with Kimmy and Miley. They were AWESOME! Thanks for all the help setting it up.
Jeff & Jerry- Royal de Cameron Bucerias

What can I say about Tiffany only one of the most memorable nights I have in long long time, if your looking for someone that caters to your wants and needs she is your girl. Whether you want stimulating conversation at dinner or night of fun I highly recommend her on second thought maybe I should just keep her to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair to this tremendous lady. Save your money, don’t bother with rest. PV Plamates and Melissa have it down. Everything is as presented and Tiff is the best.
From: Mr. Married a long time PV Marriott.

Ok…..I admit Crissi was awesome! Thanks for knowing what I like. I may have to see Crissi again before I leave.
Ethan- Hilton – Cabo San Lucas

Crissi, Thank you again for the wonderful wake up call this morning. I will have some great memories to keep of your exquisite beauty. And your very fun attitude.
Nate- Pueblo Bonito Rose – Cabo San Lucas

Everything about Amber is Beautiful. Her light skin. Awesome personality. Elegant. Relaxed. She was AWESOME! So much more about her than just sex. She was the road less traveled and it made all the difference.
Walter Marina Fiesta- Cabo San Lucsa

Thank you Mandy. You are truly amazing!And your ad says it perfectly!Grace style beauty and class. Can;t wait to see you again!
ate- Pueblo Bonito Rose- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy was wonderful,a very lovely girl. Thank you so much once again.Hopefully it will not be so long before I can use your services again. Everyone is talking about going back to Puerto Vallarta because we had so much fun there, of course none of them know how much fun I had. ? Until next time.
Brad – Playa Grande- Cabo San Lucas

Hi Crissi. That was the most enjoyable evening I’ve experienced in a long time. Thank you.I would love to see you again!!
Ian – Sheraton Hacienda- Cabo San Lucas.

Awesome time, Megan is perfection! She was well worth the cost!
James- Gran Sol Motel- Puerto Vallarta

Holly, I enjoyed your company. You are simply delightful. Su es muy bonita, dulce dama! May I see you again the next time I get back to PV? Good luck with your dance competition! I’m in a dream state! ?
James- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta.

Kylie was great makes me want to come again to PV! WOW!
Ed- Hotel Emparador – Puerto Vallarta

There was no real downside to Crissi, her face is pretty and her smile was warming. Her body is rock solid; tight waist and she looked heavier in her photos than in person. Her ass is very firm and she has rock hard abs. A bonus for me was that she had some cool tattoos and a couple of strategically located body piercings. All very sexy and classily done. But then I really like chicks with tattoos, although that may not be for everyone. Her boob job was well done and she looks VERY good naked. Her tits are probably like a 34D or DD, they’re nice. She has very soft skin and her personal hygiene was excellent. Extremely sexy and passionate in bed, not shy at all and open to suggestions. Crissi has a great attitude to go along with everything else.
Scott- Cabo Bello- Cabo San Lucas

Hi Mely. Just a quick to note to let you know that April is one of my favorite girls amongst all the girls you have introduced to me over the years…Gorgeous body, great tata’s, perfect ass and very beautiful vertical smile…But beyond that she is smiling, fun, affectionate and she is full of energy before, during and after!! Thank you for the recommendation! Best
Peter- Motel Blu- Puerto Vallarta

OMG I want to MARRY Fawn!! I am in LOVE! She is AMAZING! Thank you.
Michael- Royal de Cameron- Bucerias.

Hey Mandy, I wanted to thank you again for making me feel so special. You really are very beautiful and hope to see you again
Keith – Villa La Estancia- Cabo San Lucas

Megan is special. Very loving and giving. I can’t describe it any better than that. WOW! She’s a Very very special person! Thank You
Jeremy – Velas Vallarta

I want to give you my thoughts about Fawn. She is beautiful like a super model. After we got thru u know what. I thoroughly enjoyed talking in Spanish with her. Fawn is also a very real person and honest .Out of the four I have been with, it is a tie between Kimmy and Fawn, I can’t choose one over the other, but what that means is next time I come here I would see just Kimmy and Fawn at this time. I just hope that Kimmy and Fawn aren’t in Cabo San Lucas when I hopefully return again. Thanks again for everything . You are truly the best company and I appreciate everything. Thank You!
Jerry- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy was great! I enjoyed Kimmy and she’s very down to earth and so willing to please.
Jim- Holiday Inn Express- Puerto Vallarta

Out of the three I have been with Holly, Rachel and Kimmy, Kimmy is by far the best,I want to add she is passionate, gorgeous, and makes you feel like your fantasy girlfriend you had always wanted to take on vacation. May I repeat again, I hope she is with your company a long time. When I return I will certainly see her again for sure. Thank You and have the strawberry Twizzlers for Fawn at 4:00 pm. Your agency is the best! Thank You
John- Westin Marina Vallarta

If the rest of your girls are as great as Holly, you really have a great service going. She’s a flat out 10!
Waldon- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Mely, I had a great time with Rachel….I felt very comfortable right away with her….I’m glad the ladies seem to enjoy me too….Rachael left surprised a 65 year old could wear her out….we had a very fun time and am glad to contribute respect and kindness as well as pleasure and generosity. Nice vacation and I am very happy with your patience and especially the quality of your girls. Your girls were the only ones to enter the hotel unabridged and save me the embarrassment or registering them. You are certainly in a class of your own. Well back to work with a smile on my face.
Gracias Bob- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, Yes…I would’ve liked you to spend the night. Talking and watching movies. Maybe a repeat. And the shower was amazing too. You are everything you said you were and more. It was so nice to meet you. I have the biggest smile on my face.
Scott- Casa Dorado- Cabo San Lucas

Thank you ! Brianna was awesome! Can I see Amber today?
Thomas- La Roca – Cabo San Lucas.

Brianna, Thank you again for seeing me, you we’re great. Your oral skills are sublime! I hope you had fun? And I hope you will see me again? Have a great night
Tony- La Roca – Cabo San Lucas.

Megan,You are a very beautiful and special lady..I hope we see each other again this week. Thank you ?
Roland- Tesoro- Cabo San Lucas

Melissa, Thank you so much for running a good organization. We were very happy with the three girls you’ve sent. Megan, Brianna and Amber. Sadly, we leave early tomorrow so we won’t meet Mandy. But there is always next time. And I may want to go to Puerto Vallarta now. I found your email through a US site called Adultfax. One of the other members suggested your service. It’s so nice to have every thing work so well, AND to have good quality girls. I will tastefully describe your organization and the girls we saw. The link to your website is already up. Thank you
Nathan- Casa Dorado- Cabo San Lucas

Amber, I had a GREAT time with you! One of the best nights of my life. I cannot erase the smile on my face. You are a very special young woman and I had a Rocking time! ?
Ronald- Pedegral – Cabo San Lucas

I enjoyed Brianna very much! She’s is kind of shy but was everything you promised. Kind of young, but skills of a pro. Silky smooth skin and really fresh. I’m leaving Cabo tomorrow and I’ll be in touch when I return. Take care
Scott- Diamante- Cabo San Lucas

Megan it was so natural and pleasant to be with you I am still smiling about the experience. Just as you said in your ad, you go way beyond expectation. The way we shared that smoke and something you did playing with hair, etc etc. was something wonderful .I’ve got a bunch of work up here at the moment, but about Wednesday would be good. Will get back soon. Thanks
Robert- Mar de Cortez- Cabo San Lucas

Just one word.. Superb… Kimmy WOW! Thank you definitely just what I needed.
Gerry- Dreams Nuevo Vallarta

Kimmy, wow I had so much fun today with you. Let’s do that again tomorrow, and bring a friend. It’s my birthday so I’m treating myself I only have pesos now though after going to the bank tonight. How many of pesos equals $400 USD?
Bob- Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa – Thank you again. Mandy was great – very nice and polite. And GORGEOUS!
Rick- Bahia- Cabo San Lucas

Megan was dynamite in bed! Wow, well worth the wait. That’s a good girl. I hope to see her again real soon.
Scott- Cabo Bello- Cabo San Lucas

Dear Miss Melissa, I enjoy the ladies quite well during my visits to Cabo and Vallarta. That said, I have come to truly enjoy my interactions with you. You run a tight ship, you are professional, personable and actually care about the customer’s experience. Just as importantly, Miss Mely, you are smart, funny and easy to get along with. Thank you for all you have done to this point and for being one (1) of my very best Pen Pals. I look forward to further adventures and our future interactions. Peace
Bruce- Club Regina- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Sweetie Mandy. I tried emailing you earlier but my wifi was out. I just wanted to say thank you for spending time with me this afternoon. Not only are you gorgeous, but you’re a sweetheart with an amazing personality. I hope I get to see you again before I leave
Matthew- El Ameyal- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy, Thank you again for being so much more than just a pretty face.
Phillip- Pedegral- Cabo San Lucas

Brianna, WOW! She really is a special girl….maybe your best ever….I hope I can see her tomorrow again
Todd- Tesoro- Cabo San Lucas

Hola Mandy ! You were incredible today! Just want to make sure you have my email if you are ever in LA. Maybe we can get together tomorrow again!
Mike- Cabo Villas- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy, Thank you for a pleasant and enriching time. You are such a sweetheart! If I was a few years younger…and not married , I would take you around the world with me. The last time I had an escort was about 3 years ago in Mexico City. It was a disaster! Bait and switch ! I told myself never again!!You have renewed my belief that there are good escorts out there..and to think I was skeptical. Glad it was you! Take care and perhaps we will cross paths in DF. Xoxoxo
Fred- Sheraton- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy, just wanted to thank you for a lovely time.. You are a really nice person…I would have a date with you anytime. All the best to you this summer and fall. You’re very special. Muchos besos!
Fred- Cabo de Sol- Cabo San Lucas

Thanks Mely…Mandy is beautiful, sweet and so poised! I had a great time and hope to see her again soon.
Tony- Whyndham- Cabo San Lucas

By the way Amber , thank you for a great cardio work out! You are awesome! I want more some day soon! WOW
Derrick- Sheraton- Cabo San Lucas.

“Melissa, What a lovely lady Mandy is. You guys really are the best! Your professionalism and the quality of your stable are second to none. You’re head and shoulders above the others. Muchas Gracias” 🙂
Kirk- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

“Melissa, Fawn was wonderful and I had a great time! Your service and girls are wonderful. Many Thanks”.
Curt- Gran Sol- Puerto Vallarta

By the way , Kimmy is great! Awesome body and fantastic personality, definitively she knows her job!
Tony- Pedegral – Cabo San Lucas

Fawn is awesome. Gorgeous, fun, happy and full of passion. Great girl. Thanks.
Robert- Marriot- Puerto Vallarta.

That was a night and day experience between (your competitor’s girl?) and Fawn. The other girl was very nice but kind of a dud. Fawn on the the other hand was ready to rip a guys cock off. Twice! lol. WOW!
Richard- Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, you are truly so sweet. I am so happy that you enjoyed our tome together also. 8 hrs just was not enough. Can we do 24 hrs this Monday? I am smitten at 54 years old ?
Robert- Grand Velas- Playa del Carmen.

Tiffany was very wonderful! We had a great time and I hope she did as well! Thank you!
Joe and Kimberly- Garza Blanca- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn was beautiful and fun we had a great time thank you for making are trip extra exciting
Chris and Cristine- Hotel Barcelo- Mismaloya- Puerto Vallarta

Just wanted to say thanks for everything and let you know that all of the girls were great, but Megan was especially great. I’m hoping that she will be available on my next trip. Thanks
Anthony- Vellas Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta

Amber is gorgeous! So beautiful and so fresh. I wished I would have booked her for two hours instead of just one. A very pleasing experience- Thank you!
Aaron- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Rachel and April were a LOT of fun!! Both playful, young and fantastic bodies. I had a GREAT time!! Thank you!
Christopher – Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, As always, muchas gracias. You really do run a great business. I was perusing the competition; mundo annuncio, craigslist, miloeroticos. I can tell your ads, even when u don’t say you name/service. Your command of the language & playfulness comes shining through. Head and shoulders above the rest. I truly wonder if the reason you are so popular/successful is because of the girls YOU pick (who are great btw!) or because of you! I haven’t had much experience with others in PV, & not for years. as I said, I dealt with the others before, but they were not you. The other girls were not nearly as good as yours. I am positive most of the pics of your competitors are not real. Some are too good to be true, always a tip off. I suppose one can use tineye or Google pic search but I had no desire to go that far. So vallartacaliente or PV escort is the competition, huh? I expect you kick their butts. You are always (at least with me) professional, so I’m sure you’ll either ignore that or deflect. No problema, though I’d love to hear about it. You know that I do understand, though. Truthfully, I have been somewhat tempted to look elsewhere, to try something different. not to go to those strip clubs, waaaaayyyyy to “street” for me. No street walkers, either…yuck! Though I am not bad looking, am confident & always have been a smooth talker, I have no inclination to meet someone at a disco/club (am way too old for that, at my age that’s just pathetic, creepy) or elsewhere. Time is too tight & it is too chancy. I do love your service! However, I have NOT strayed from PV Playmates for years, for 2 reasons: 1.) I don’t think the quality/service will be the same. Period. 2.) YOU. You are awesome. You are a professional, I can depend on you. You are funny, sharp, witty, insightful & sweet, though no pushover. I know you read between the lines and , like all successful people, always anticipate/guess the “next step”. You seem to have the ability to know where things are going, understand people’s motivations in their words or actions (I think that’s why I really enjoy Aaron Sorkin’s writing: West Wing, Newsroom, Social Network, etc…he does that). One has gotta, to be successful. Anyway, I trust you. It’s kinda weird in this type of scenario, I guess. silly maybe,but I feel as if it would be cheating on you… just being honest & telling u where my head is. You are the best service Puerto Vallarta has ever had and I have been coming here for over 17 yrs now.
Matthew- Shangra- Li- Puerto Vallarta

Good morning Tiffany, Anna and I wanted to thank you for last night. We both had a wonderful time! You were amazing!
Charles and Anna Sunset Plaza- Puerto Vallarta

I must share that someone like Kimmy. OMG. I fell in love with her during our 1st session. I would have definitely opted for her again and again but I wanted to spend time with someone else. The services Kimmy provided and the way she went about it was just too good. Truly felt like my long lost gf.
Russell- Grand Velas- Nuevo Vallarta

Hello Melissa, Kimmy was absolutely fabulous yesterday. Way more than what I was hoping for. Now would it be possible to set an appointment with Tiffany since I believe she was also your recommendation. Thanks
Kurt, Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta.

Amber was a pleasant experience. English is good. Very Pretty. Thank you!
Scott- Golden Crown Paradise- PV

Mandy is like a fine bottle of wine……she only gets better with age. If I recover, I will see her again before I leave ? Thanks luv
Casa Dorado- Cabo San Lucas

Rachel was great. She has an incredible body! So tight!
Matt- Club Regina – Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, thank you for the time of my life! You are so gorgeous. I cannot wait to see you again
Scott- Motel El Rumayor – Playa delCarmen

Holly, you are a class act. I was surprised by just how beautiful you are in person. Three hours was not enough. I wish I could take you back to Chicago with me.
Michael- Garza Blanca- Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy has a body to die for! And I have never met someone so willing to please me. I really am going to miss her.
Steven- Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn is super HOT, thanks….I want to marry her! ….haha:
Paul- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, my life is better since I met you. You’re a beautiful woman in every sense of the word –
Jimmy- Adale Thai- Playa del Carmen

Wow! April was great! So pretty and so sexual. A Mexican “lunchbox”
Matt- Club Regina- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, Jessie is ? absolutely beautiful and sweet. Thank-you. Best Regards
Curt- Gran Sol

Hey Mandy! I had a great time with you the other day. You are so sweet and rich hmmmm. Hopefully, next week we can arrange one day when you’re not too busy, I would like to do overnight with you. Just depends on price!? haha. I can share with you whatever you put in your ads is true !!! Beautiful kisses!
Gus- Chocolate Hotel- Playa del Carmen

Fawn is very beautiful and very nice. Thank you for your suggestion. I am trying to figure out my agenda for today and tomorrow because id like to see Fawn again. Thanks Melissa.
Ernie- Club Regina – PuertoVallarta

Rachel was wonderful! We had such a great time. You were right about the motel Gran Sol. It was very nice!! Thank you for helping us fulfill our fantasy on our vacation
Rick & Michelle- Riu Vallarta.

Amber is beautiful and has a great body. Photos were definitely accurate. Her energy and willingness were good. All in all, a very sweet girl. Very pretty girl.
Donald- Old Town- Puerto Vallarta

Thanks Fawn for the very pleasurable 2 hours I spent with you last night. Your English is much better than you give yourself credit. Much better than my Espanol. I was fortunate to get a date with you as I know from Melissa you are in demand . I was happy with my decision to spend the money for two hours instead of one so I could perform for Round Two. It’s a necessity at my age. And the relaxing massage in between rounds had me quickly slobbering out the corner of my mouth in no time. I could have easily fallen asleep had it not been for my anticipation of the 2nd round. I was afraid I might not be able to perform a 2nd time but you quickly realized what I liked and used your every skill to make sure of my success. I slept like a baby and got up feeling great. I hope to see you again soon. And thank you Melissa for your suggestion. You have never failed me in your suggestions. Please interpret for Fawn if she doesn’t have a translator app.
Snow Bird PV. Westin Marina Vallarta

Fawn was fantastic! Even though she got lost at the wrong hotel, she showed up with a great attitude ? Love her!
Michael- ONE Hotel- Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, I am not sure there could ever be anyone prettier than you. You exceeded my expectations in so many ways. As Usher once said “There are so many ways to love you”! – Until I see you again
Tony- Palmillas- Los Cabos

Fawn was GREAT!! Probably the best girl I have even been with! WOW!
Todd- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

I had a fantastic time with April, she exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to next time!
Carl- Playa Los Arcos – Puerto Vallarta

I had a great time with Megan yesterday. Very friendly and I like that she speaks English too. Thank you.
Paul- Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Amber, Thank you! You were GREAT!! Muy bueno ? :)-
Matthew Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Hello Fawn, Thanks for entertaining Marc and I both you and Paulina were real sweet. You were a special treat on our holiday. My brother has a special taste for Baja now. Thanks
Yvan- Villa del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy, I am in LOVE WITH YOU! I want to take care of you the rest of your life. Please come stay with me in Chicago. I have seen you now each visit to Puerto Vallarta over the past 2 yrs or so and ( as hard as this is to believe) you get more attractive each time I see you! You are drop dead gorgeous and so sweet. A perfect 10!
Mark – Hotel Barcelo – Puerto Vallarta

Hi Fawn, this is mister whopper ? I Really enjoyed my time with you. You are beautiful and fabulous. Will be back to Cabo, and look forward to seeing you again.
Ben- Casa Dorado- Cabo San Lucas

Kimmy was GREAT! Thanks for arranging a time to meet Kimmy. She is sexy and a lot of fun. I’m glad she was so playful and open.
Rick- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Miley was incredible! The thing I loved( besides her AWESOME body and attitude), was that I was with her for 3 hrs and she never once got on her cell phone or seemed dis-interested. But really a great girl. Outstanding! True GFE.
Daniel- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Thank you for Rachel. Beautiful girl. Very good chemistry. Great time. May I add : very very tight ( not offended R U?) Just great chemistry. My type of girl.
Dave- Marriott Puerto Vallarta

Paulina is Drop Dead GORGEOUS!! and really sweet.. A great time. I would hire her again!! Thanks
Mark- Villa la Estancia- Cabo San Lucas

WOW!! Fawn was amazing...Thx
Josh- Marina Vallarta

Megan is a sexual dynamo……With a great attitude!
Tim- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, I must be honest , I’ll be thinking of Amber….she was so amazing…..I can’t get over how beautiful she has become….absolutely my all time favorite girl ever.
Tony- Marina Vallarta

Unfortunately, during the day there are two open gates. And the gate I gave Megan’s and Rachel’s name to didn’t communicate the information to the other gate, as they said they would. As luck would have it they arrived at the other gate, but the problem got sorted out and both girls were great. I am glad I finely got to meet Megan she is especially great. Next time I am in Vallarta I will have to have her over for a much longer time.
Scott- Playa Royale- Nuevo Vallarta

Kimmy was spectacular, I very much enjoyed her kind upbeat attitude, and she is very eager to please. Please tell her how much I enjoyed our date.
Tony- Westin Marina Vallarta

Hi, I enjoyed Megan as usual. Say Hello to her. She is very co-operative. Never met any girl so co-operative. My last trip was very enjoyable. Looking forward to the next trip.
Hank- Paradise Village- Nuevo Vallarta.

Hi Melissa, Mandy is such a gorgeous young lady. When I show her at the door and hugged her, I was amazed. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I wish I could have met her before. And, she is very caring person.I can’t wait to see her again!
Scott- Grand Luxxe- Nuevo Vallarta

Hello Melissa, Hope all well with you. After coming back, I got very busy making money for my next trip. Last 15 days, I just couldn’t take Amber out of my mind, her little cute face always stays in front of my eyes.I like her very much. She is so adorable young. She was good to me. I had Amber three times in 7 days, seems not enough. I simply can’t get enough of her. My next trip, at that time, if Amber is still with you, I will enjoy her at least three days. Thanks for everything, Melissa.
Sam- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta

Miley was really good! Very natural & sexy. Really nice body. A very positive experience overall.
Mark Holiday Inn Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy was sweet and sexually open. Very, very nice & enjoyable. Refreshing.
Mike- Villa Del Palmar- Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy is really orgasmic! Not sure if it was an act or not. Can never tell but, seemed genuine. She is also educated & worldly, awesome English. A really nice person. GREAT oral skills- THANK YOU!
Larry- Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Kimmy is awesome. Smart, funny, engaging, educated. Great head, too, btw.
Matthew- Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Hi Melissa, Miley was a lot of fun. I totally lost track of time with her. Fresh, young and tight. Plus her attitude was great! Her smile is contagious and soo cute! Thank you!
Vincent- Playa Los Arcos Hotel. Puerto Vallarta

Alaska was EXCELLENT! Thank you so much!
Anthony- Dreams Nuevo Vallarta

I enjoyed my time with Mandy more than any other thing I did on vacation. You’re right, she may be the most expensive in Vallarta and WELL WORTH IT!
Scott- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta

Melissa: Tiffany just left my room, great job, very pretty girl with a great attitude. When I come back Vallarta, I will use your service again. Thanks very much for your emails. You oversee a professional service. My work is to serve clients too, so I know very well the importance and attention to detail you possess. Congratulations, The price justify the service. See you soon.
Eric- Velas Vallarta – Puerto Vallarta

The girl you sent me, Mandy. She is first class and out of this world! I did not not know a female of this high caliber of quality exists in this kind of space. I am going to be a life long client.
Vincent-Icon Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta

We liked both Kimmy and Amber. Especially me, I really like Amber too much!!!!! Amber is very beautiful. Her face makes me melt. My amigo loved Kimmy.
Stan and Sal. Dreams- Puerto Vallarta.

Megan is sooo sexy! Also so very nice and cute! I’m in love! ?
Scott- Hard Rock Hotel – NV

We both really enjoyed Megan and Miley extremely! Thank you!
Sam and Steve- Mayan Palace- Nuevo Vallarta

Fawn was incredible! I will definitely book again in the future! Excellent service all around from your emails to Fawn’s company. Looking forward to next time, thank you much! Thanks
Karl. Gran Sol. Puerto Vallarta

Miss Mely, Bruce Willis (aka Mr. Kurt) is very pleased to have made Miss Amber’s acquaintance this evening. Amber is a delightful, intelligent and beautiful young woman with whom I hope to share further adventures in the near future – Cabo would be great! Please put Miss Amber’s name next to my happy face for future reference. Miss Mely, please accept my thanks for your usual high standards and excellent service. I will continue to share my positive PV Playmates experiences with my friends who are fortunate enough to travel to Mexico. Take good care, my friend. Peace
Kurt- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Hey Melissa, Fawn was great! She had a wonderful attitude. Nice tan lines too. I will see her again in October. I had a GREAT time!
Sonny- Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach- Cabo San Lucas

Kimmy was simply amazing!! Her body is to die for. Very outgoing and energetic. She was into our date!!If they are all like that then I want to experience the others when I come back in a couple of months.
Michael- Velas Vallarta

Fawn did a great job. We were immensely pleasured. Thx for all your help.
John and Linda~ Esperanza- Cabo San Lucas

Kimmy was wonderful. One of a kind and delightful to spend time with. Thanks so much.
Ronald- Marriott-Puerto Vallarta

Natasha- You take care of yourself, you hear? You are a special gal, you have such a good head on your shoulders- that is to say I think you have such strong independence and smart intelligence. I’m glad I got to meet you tonight, although we are both under unusual circumstances and our mutual discretion is working for both of us. Please let me know you arrived home safely!
Bill- Hyatt- Polanco Mexico City

Gracias Fawn! Mucho gusto. I had a lot of fun and you are extremely beautiful!!! I will be emailing you next time I’m in Cabo. Get your Google translate out…….Granito
Zeke ~ Whyndham- Cabo San Lucas

Miley is one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met…the complete package!
Peter- Hotel Azteca~ Puerto Vallarta

Wanted to say, the experience with Tiffany and Kimmy went great! Better than expected!! ?
Nigel, Garza Blanca- Puerto Vallarta.

Hey Melissa! Amber is great! So sweet and naturally beautiful. Thanks again!
Carl- Marriott Puerto Vallarta

Alaska was very great, very nice ?
Curtis- Vellas Vallarta

Buenos dias! Thanks Melissa for everything! Fawn was, is very sweet and kind heartted! Have a great day.
Carl- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Natasha, I had a good time with you last night. You are a great lady. I try sending a message through WhatsApp and it failed. I will see if I can contact you later today. It may not be possible because I have a dinner nonetheless I wanted you to know. For sure I would like to see you again my next trip here to Mexico City. xxx
Peter- Westin Galeria Plaza- D.F.

Melissa, I’m writing to say I enjoyed my time with Rachel. First impression of her is very relaxed. She has a nice easygoing nature. But later, her passion and intensity really come through. She touches softly but holds on to you firmly. Her techniques are really remarkable!
Rick- Playa Los Arcos Hotel- Puerto Vallarta

Hello Melissa, Alaska is adorable. She has such a youthful body and a cute smile. I liked spending time with her. Thanks!
Randy, DREAMS- Mismaloya, PV.

Dear Melissa, The first moment you see Fawn stays with you as a memory forever, like the first taste of a magnificent meal or the first notes of an opera singer’s voice. After a few minutes, her happy smile comes out to cast a magical spell. She has an amazing young body and an even more amazing gentle personality. A great encounter.
Rodney, Conchas Chinas.

Kimmy, we had a lot of fun. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you for coming by and hope you have a great evening!
Erin & Jay- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

I have had the pleasure of seeing many of your excellent Playmates over the years. Literally, there is no finer females in all of Mexico. Though I must say that I prefer Mandy above all the others.
Frank- Marriott – Puerto Vallarta

Dear Irish of Russian name: Natasha. I couldn’t feel happier after your service. I am not very sure on what should I tell you to thank you for the lovely time you gave me but I am guessing that just stating a feeling, happiness, and saying that I adored the quality of your service should do the trick. It was worth every penny. It is going to be difficult to stay away from having you as my only dish at lunchtime, but even if I decide to do that I am sure that just your chat and being in contact with your personality is like a therapy. I will definitely repeat. As I told you, I will be back in town later next month. Good thing I have your pics to entertain my eyes until then…. PS: tasty!!!
Gerry, Hilton Reforma, Mexico City.

Hi Melissa. Fawn is really amazing! Absolutely beautiful, incredible body. A combination of sweet, playful and sexual…just amazing! Gracias Melissa
Marty. Sheraton~ Puerto Vallarta

I must say the service was GREAT with Kimmy! No holds barred and I loved her confidence and the way she took control.
Chris- Gran Sol – Puerto Vallarta

April, WOW! I was so impressed. I did not think she would be so pretty and so so GOOD! ? Thank you!
Sam- Fiesta Americana- Cabo San Lucas

Mely, Thanks for taking a great vacation and making it amazing. Both Fawn and Miley exceeded my expectations. I appreciate all you did for me leading up to this trip and the past week. I don’t know how you juggle it all…but it’s impressive. Part of me says I don’t have to leave for the airport til 11:30 tomorrow so send someone over to make breakfast extra special…and the other part of me says…I’m already gonna need a vacation from my vacation!:-)) Take care
Richard- Hotel Belmar- Puerto Vallarta

Miley’s a great girl with a beautiful smile that lights up the entire room. Personality matters to me and she’s got it. Very impressive young lady! I was mesmerized by her smile!
Rick- Hotel Azteca- Puerto Vallarta

Fawn, Wow! What a great girl…pretty sure we just talked for 45 minutes. From her pictures I thought I’d be getting the most beautiful headless girl in all of Mexico. What an added bonus that she arrived with a head, too!:)) Life is good!
Ethan- Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Hey Melissa, April was fun. She was exactly as you said she would be. She was very eager to please me and my contentedness was her top priority. I think you must have told her to bring her “A” game. I am very satisfied with her time with me. She was concerned that I’d give her a good review, so please pass on my gratification. She’s defiantly classy enough to be a PV Playmate. Thanks for taking care of me and I’ll look forward to doing business with you next time. Regards
Sal- Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Rachel, Amber and April were all AWESOME!! We had such great time with them! Hanging at the pool and their warm and out going personalities made the day even that much better. We were surprised that girls of this quality and ( for lack of better word) “normal”, were available in this way. We will repeat with you!
Tom, John and Kevin- Los Gringos ? Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

What a lovely visit with Miss Paulina. No problems getting in or out. Miss Paulina is a stunningly attractive woman. Her beauty is only eclipsed by her warmth…just like you suggested, Miss Mel!:) I will be in touch regarding my next visit. Perhaps, you could also provide additional information about the guest house you have in PV. Peace
Kurt- Westin- Club Regina- Cabo San Lucas

Fawn, I think she is the HOTTEST girl you got…….hands down!….and sweet/kind- Ronald- Fluviall, Puerto Vallarta Amber is a very pretty and super sweet girl just like you mentioned. She is really like the next door girl, a little shy, nervous.. Bob liked Rachel; she was nice with hot body ?
Alan & Bob- RIU Vallarta- Nuevo Vallarta

Hola, I have to say the service was very easy to work with, the girl was very prompt and I was pleasantly surprised she was as described. I have to admit after reading about all the bait and switch in PV this service is the real deal. Fawn was very lady like, in fact I found it adorable how she held her skirt while going up the stairs so I couldn’t peak. Than after seeing that, I went around her and lead her upstairs. Fawn was a 10, and very experienced for someone so young. I hope to see Fawn again. Say Hi for me.
Frank- Royal de Cameron- Bucerias

Megan, Thanks for a great time. I just realized that in my drunken euphoria I completely forgot to tip. I am so sorry. I’ll have to fix that next time we meet. Good night. You are awesome!
Chris- Hotel Barcelo Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, I really enjoyed my time with Megan. She has a great personality, beautiful and fun to be around. Thank you for helping me make a good choice. I am going to check on my schedule and finances to see if I can spend time with her again this week. She was great and I’ve really enjoyed the ease of communication with you. I’ll let you know.
Mike- Buenaventura – Puerto Vallarta

Omg. Rachel is so gorgeous! and a sweetie. Thanks
Andrew- Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta

Hi Mandy, I hope the rest of your evening was good. Thank you for the pleasant time we spent together. You are definitely the prettiest in Playa del Carmen. And very sweet too. I look forward to our next date. XOXO
Curtis Royal- Play del Carmen

Hi Melissa, well going back to Michigan on Wed. Had good experience with both Megan and Rachel… Plan on returning next year in March again Gracias and hasta la vista….p.s. Was surprised that Amber told Rachel to say hello to me, she is a very nice woman and hope Amber is available again next year.
Joe- Marina Vallarta

Wow, It was like I died and was with an Angel in heaven. Jaki made all of my dreams come true. I am truly speechless. You run a first class operation and I will use you again and again. Best experience I had my entire vacation!
Matthew- Fiesta Americana- Puerto Vallarta

Tiffany, wow just one word, AWESOME!
Michael – Hola Friendly Hotel- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, We were very impressed with all that you did to coordinate this trip for us. Rest assured, we will use your services again and cannot thank you enough for your flexibility with respect to our plans. As an aside, I thought Fawn was great and Mandy was extremely impressive- We were blown away!
Terry & Kurt- Pedgeral Cabo San Lucas

I had the best time ever with Fawn. I mean since I probably remember!! ( this include going back to my youth)She is so fun, educated and drama free, this girl knows her business. Thank you for the suggestion. I usually Contact you, but whenever you have something in town you think is worth to meet, please feel Free to shoot me an e Mail with the info. – Regards
Tony- Marina Los Cabos.

Fawn, Thank you for a wonderful time last night. You are the prettiest young lady I have ever had the pleasure of being with!
Bill- Motel Los Angeles- Puerto Vallarta

JOE- Playa del Carmen Hotel – Playa del Carmen

Melissa, Please let Tiffany know we really enjoyed spending time with here last night. It blew our minds that my wife and her knew the same people. We had a lot in common and it made our experience that much better. It may sound odd but my wife and I feel we have made a new friend (with benefits). Give her our love.
Peter & Lisa- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Fawn is really special!! Wowsie, I had a GREAT time with her!
Warren, Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, April was great. She was everything as described – everything you ever wanted but slightly smaller. I have to say what she lacks in size, she makes up in other ways. I would definitely recommend her. Would have loved to meet Tiffany, but I’m out of time here in PV. Thanks
Dean- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Holly and Fawn were great. All around great service and experience. Thank you!
Jeff- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Fawn, what more can I say. You are the prettiest and sweetest girl I have ever been with. If I was 30 yrs younger, I would marry you! I am not just saying that. You won my heart. I can’t wait to see you again.
Cristopher- Hyatt- Los Cabos

Hi Paulina, thank you for coming last Saturday. It was nice to meet you, but I didn’t get to know you, I had Fawn, I liked her a lot!! So remember us. We may come back in November. We all had a great time. Thank you.
James- Hilton- Los Cabos

Mandy, just want to say thank you. You were FANTASTIC!!
Joe- Marival_ Nuevo Vallarta

April is a very special girl…perfecto!
Thomas- Riu Vallarta- Nuevo Vallarta

Melissa, Thank you for setting up my meetings with Fawn this past weekend. I’ve now spent time with five of the PV Playmates….most multiple times. While they are all sweet and special in their own way, Fawn is beyond compare. While she can certainly memorize with her outward beauty, it’s her sweet disposition that has left me bewildered. Tell her I can’t wait to see her again. Best regards
Ed- Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Buenos Dias sweetie, How have you let me go 2 years without hooking up with Fawn? BTW, she tells me her cousin Britney is off the market. I so wanted to see her again ? I will be here until Tuesday. I would love to see Fawn again during that time. I would do it today, but I’m still recovering from yesterday. Will Fawn be available for an hour or two Sunday to Tuesday? XO
Ethan- Hilton, Los Cabos

Mely, U were right, Megan is awesome. Genuine, sweet, funny, polite & very sexual. A little skittish initially, but started “humming” once we got going. In addition, she has some personality to her, I need that to enjoy the cita. Love her long beautiful hair, btw. Good job, thanks! I m going trust u from now on.
Matthew – Holiday Inn.

Dear Melissa, I’ve been coming to PV for over fifteen years, but Jaki just made it feel like day one.She’s the real deal.Positive, stunning, and authentic..Afterward, I could barely walk. Happy and grateful
Zack – Villas Vallarta

Thanks again for accommodating Mandy and Paulina with me tonight. You turned a bad situation into a great one! Your professionalism is second to none. I will never stay in the Whyndham again. The quality of your girls is superior to anything I have ever had. We are so happy to have found you!
Matthew- Wyndham- Cabo San Lucas.

April just left… Wow, what an awesome girl…!!! Beautiful, sexy, funny. Really just a little sweetheart!!!
Matthew- Holiday Inn- Puerto Vallarta

Megan was wonderful! Sweet and charming. We enjoyed Rachel too.
Scott and Patricia- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Hello Melissa, Sorry to write you so late. After coming back to US, I got busy in my office and then I left for 10 days cruise.I would like to THANK YOU for your help and the girls, and for making my trip enjoyable. Special thanks to Megan, she is so nice, kind, caring, co-operative, for the best sex I ever had. I would say I was very satisfied and not satisfied, felt like I never had enough with her, so I have to come back just to have Megan again. I had her twice. both times she was very fresh, elegant, and charming. Also, enjoyed the time with Rachel. Thanks to her as well. I am thinking of coming back to PV in April. Thanks
Sam- Mayan Palace- Nuevo Vallarta

Rachel was great and we look forward to seeing her again. We would like to try another girl if she will be as good as Rachel. Thank you!
Scott and Denise- Playa Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Megan’s good reviews are very well deserved. Megan has a phenomenal body and a genuine smile. She was really into making me happy without over-doing it. If Megan can’t leave a smile on your face and a fond memory in your head no lovely young lady will be able to do it.
Dan- Westin – Puerto Vallarta

Hi there, Just wanted to comment that April was great! Fresh, smiling, beautiful body… Perfect mix of shy and passionate!! Great attitude, beautiful eyes…Thank you
Peter – Pedegral Motel- Puerto Vallarta

Natasha, Thank you for a lovely evening… I am lucky to meet you today! ? You exceeded my expectations and that is saying a lot!
Lawrence- Hyatt Polanco- Mexico City

Mandy is amazing, thank you. Unfortunately, I had to leave for the airport, so our time was limited and I was a bit stressed about getting to the airport on time. I would love to see her again sometime when we have more time to relax together. If she ever travels to Dallas, please tell her to get in touch.
Jaden- Villa Premiere- Puerto Vallarta

Hi, I wanted to thank you and again apologize for the slow responses in making arrangements the other night. In the end, I had a great time with Mandy. She is a true beauty: elegant, cute, sweet , sexy, yet easy to be with. I was somewhat nervous and her attitude and sweet personality helped me relax quickly. If I make it back in late Jan. I hope to see Mandy (or another of the girls) again. If you can share a couple of photos of Mandy to tide me over until I get back to PV, I would appreciate it very much. I’m certain you can’t share one with her face, but have to ask as her beauty is something I don’t want to forget. Thanks
Matthew- Hotel Azteca ( By default ? Puerto Vallarta

That was fun, Rachel seems to really enjoy her work ?
James- Los Arcos- Puerto Vallarta

Paulina, thank you. You were AWESOME!! Smile. Grace. Beauty. Passion. The whole package.
Mike- ME Cabo San Lucas.

Amber, You aren’t just one of the best I ever had you are the BEST LOVER Ever. Hope you will give me another chance some day. You will motivate me to make sure next time you will want to stay with me. God bless you Amber. I will never forget you.
Greg- Hotel Barcelo- San Jose de Cabo

Mandy is beautiful and very seductive! The best I have had in PV!
Mike- Marriott- Puerto Vallarta

Amber, you were the best I ever had – in my WHOLE LIFE!! and I am 55 years old. WORTH EVERY DOLLAR!! I can’t wait to see you again!!!
Greg- Royal Solaris- Los Cabos

I was very happy with Megan, she was very kind and co-operative!
Steven- Westin- Puerto Vallarta

Megan was very very good!
Samuel- Grand Mayan- Nuevo Vallarta

Hi Natasha,It has been very rude of me not to thank you for visiting Diane and I the last time we were in Mexico City. I should have thanked you long before this. Diane really enjoyed your company (and so did I *:-* kiss) and said of all the girls that we have met you were the best. She really wants to meet you again so hopefully we can repeat the experience – I should be back in January. I would like to say that I think you have a fantastic body and I really love your breasts and hope that next time we meet I will have the pleasure of you sucking my cock – in fact if you and Diane would do it together that would be really great. Esperamos verte en enero!
Craig & Dian xxxx- Hyatt Mexico City

April and Megan were AWESOME!!! Thank you for making it so easy and so much fun!!
Todd & Carl- Villa Balboa- Conchas Chinas.

Hi, I rarely write or follow up with services that I have used in the past. If it is a good experience, I tell others. However, in this case I feel it is warranted to send a Thank You and to let you know that you truly run a first-class operation. We were four men here on business in a luxury villa. We are not cheap by any means ( The private villa ran us 2,800 US per night) . We are all quite successful businessmen. Thus, when it came to choosing four females to spend time with us, our expectations were not lofty.We took the time to actually study and research who we thought was the best agency, with the prettiest and most up-scale girls. We decided that you girls at PV Playmates, “looked” like the best outfit in town. It was your communication, photos and over-all feeling we felt when corresponding with you. To say our expectations were exceeded, is an understatement! Mandy, Holly, Fawn and Penelope, were not only pretty, upscale and beautiful, but they were quality young women! We laughed, conversed about many topics and then when it came to the fun time, all of us were in awe! Cudos to whatever it is you are doing! Keep doing it! After experiencing your flock, we are confident there is nothing better in Puerto Vallarta, or in Mexico for that matter. The girls spoke English ( Fawn tried;) , they dressed fantastic and were happy and warm. The price was fair and we felt we got more than what we paid for. I will recommend you to others like us, successful gentleman who prefer nothing but the best in all things. Hats off to you and your team , PV Playmates! Incredible and Fantastic service!- We will use you again on our visit next year”.
Patrick- And Rick, Steven and Jonathon- from San Francisco, CA – Villa in Mismaloya

Paulina, you were exquisite. I’d love you back. Did you enjoy my contribution to your beautiful spot? I did. You tasted like heaven.
Bill- Villa del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas

I had one of the best experiences of my life…. I hope Holly feels the same….
Joe- Dreams Mismaloya

I adore Amber, she has the sweetest personality ever and is by far my all time favorite! Of all the Playmates she is NUMERO UNO!!
Tony- Wyndham- Cabo San Lucas

Tiffany, I had a great time! Thanks! I’ll be in touch when I’m back in town in a few months.
Robert- Mismaloya

I had a great time with Megan last night. I will be back in mid December for about a week. I will be staying at the Westin in the Marina and plan to see her again. She is perfect for me!
Scott -Conchas Chinas.

Fawn is incredible……I wish I could turn the clock back a couple of days so I could see her again and again.
Tony- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Hey gorgeous Mandy, Thank you so much for coming… “Mexico’s most expensive companion and WELL WORTH IT!! Can you email me your cell…I wanna keep in touch ! You are amazing ! ?
Matt- Mismaloya

Penelope, OMG you are FANTASTIC!!
Jay- Hotel Barcelo – Puerto Vallarta

Mandy, Thanks for a great time , You are a a beauty ?
Larry- Estancia Real – Cabo San Lucas

Hi Jaki, Thank you for the wonderful time tonight! You made my stay in Vallarta complete! See you again….
T- Icon Vallarta

Yes I saw Megan. Everything was great, She is VERY beautiful, just what I was hoping for. I had a wonderful time. I told her I want to see her again. Monday night and Wednesday night 9:00 PM for 1 hour each night. Last night I paid her in Mexican Pesos — 2,500 I thought that was enough but got the idea that I should have paid her more. If I short changed her ( If I did not pay her enough) I will make it up to her on Monday night.
Samuel- Golden Crowne Paradise.

Melissa, Just a quick follow up note before I board my plane home. Jaki was truly amazing! it helps that I am amazing as well ( arrogant?). She arrived right on time and was everything I expected. She does not think so, but a real goddess in my eyes. We had a great time. She wore me out. After some late night discussion she departed at three or four. I paid her for a full twelve hours which was more than worth it. Thank you so much for bearing with my flaky plan making. I was shocked to hear that she had never had a long multi hour appointment. Clients are missing the boat, she really opens up and becomes extremely passionate. I will use your services again (Jaki) ,with certainty. She is so much better than any paid companion I have ever been with. Thanks Again
Jonathan- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Jaki, I just want to say that you’re a whole lotta woman. A woman than knows what’s what a man wants and knows how to enjoy herself too. Thanks for an amazingly sweet and hot evening. Kisses.
Frank- Marriott Puerto Vallarta

Hola, April ! Thank you so much for last night! You are a girl, very excellent and AMAZING to be with!
Mikhal- Sheraton- Puerto Vallarta

Thank you! Amber is a very special lady. Her visit was a perfect way to wrap up my 50th. A+
Jonathan- Fiesta Americana Cabo San Lucas

Hola, I enjoyed Megan very much. She is both charming and enthusiastic. I would like to see her again, maybe in a week and a half or so, if that is possible. Thank you!
Darren- Hotel Rosita

Hi Melissa, Britney was everything a man could ask for and more and I thoroughly enjoyed her company.
Lawrence, Westin Puerto Vallarta

Melissa, Had a great time with Amber this afternoon. Thanks for sending her my way. She’s much prettier than here pics. I may see her again before I head back to the states.
Gracias, Dean- Marriott

Natasha, I just wanted to say thanks again for spicing up my trip to Guadalajara, I enjoyed eating your pussy and having you ride my cock. Cheers and Happy New Year
Lawrence- Presidente Intercontinental

Melissa, Mandy and Holly are both very charming women, absolutely beautiful, I will call next year ?
Edward -Vallarta Palace- Nuevo Vallarta

You sure get started early! It’s my pleasure Melissa. I just wanted to express my appreciation for all you do all year. I hope you have a way of getting things down here from the US without all the hassles of Mexican customs. Are there any new girls coming to Cabo soon? Merry Christmas to you too. Please pass on my best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season to Mandy, Sondra and Holly. The three best call girls in Mexico!
Stan Pedegral- Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur.

Mandy you were FANTASTIC!! WOW! I fell in love with you !
Tommy- Villa del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas

Good Morning Natasha, Thank you for a wonderful evening! I hope to see you again when I return in January… Feliz Navidad!
Robert- Presidente Intercontinental

Had a great time with Holly. Nice GF experience. Gorgeous and classy!
Phillip- Plaza Pelicanos.

Jessie was an ANGEL!- WOW!
Arthur- Dreams Mismaloya

Hey Mandy i just wanted to say thank you so much ? had a great time. you are AWESOME- I’m a better man since I met you!. you sitting on my face was my favorite part. looking up at you and how beautiful you are. I’d like to see you again this Saturday if that is ok?
Jerry Dreams- Los Cabos.


I had an enjoyable experience meeting Wendy last evening. She provided attentive service and aimed to please. She was also cute and a real sweetheart. I gave her a nice tip because she had such a good attitude and she appreciated it very much.
Todd- Hilton Puerto Vallarta

Natssha my review of you : 10—–10——-10——-10— ..—-10 Medalla de Oro!!! Thank you for the finest hour of my life.
Kristoff – Hilton GDL

Mandy– Please try to send me a picture of your pretty face or your nude beautiful body. Also, send me the emails of your friends Britney, Sondra and Amber. Hope you have a great trip to Cabo! Many thanks for a wonderful time.
Besos Derrick- Marival Nuevo Vallarta

Hey Melissa, Sondra was awesome. She has an air of confidence that I really enjoyed. Beautiful face, stellar body, charming and witty, and a sex machine in bed. Calling her a passionate lover would be an understatement. It was a very enjoyable and satisfying experience. Sondra really knows how to please a man while obviously enjoying herself at the same time. We don’t have many girls like that here in Cabo. How do you keep coming up with such talents? I will be in touch again soon. Thanks!
Scott- Pedegral

The guys and I had a GREAT TIME! Amber- Natasha- Stefi -Lisa were awesome! FANTASTIC girls! We’d like to see them again this week.
Rick – Villa Emancer- Mismaloya.

Melissa, I thought you’d enjoy hearing about my time with Britney yesterday. She really is adorable, and has the most wonderful laugh. We got along very well, and I will definitely want to follow up with more visits in the future. Thank you for your recommendation. Britney was perfect! Best
Derrick- Villa Premiere Hotel.

Brandi, I had a great time with you! If you need anything from US let me know. Even just as a friend. You are a great person! Besos
Walter- Villa Del Palmar- Cabo San Lucas

At almost 3 times Brandi’s age, I do feel like a horny old bastard hahaha. But, after having been divorced for 5 years, no girlfriends, Brandi is my little angel ; she has brightened my life. I will remember, and cherish my time with her for years to come. Would she allow me to have a picture taken of the two of us? With cloths on of course, although I would love to take naked pictures of her for myself, but I don’t want any naked pictures of myself, or of us having sex, I would never even ask that of a girl like her. ? So I ask your permission first, to be sure there aren’t any misunderstandings with my inability to communicate well with Brandi. I would have never thought I would find someone like her on Craigslist, it was just a shot in the dark that I even looked. I do look at home, but never find anyone like Brandi, or Amber. Good going on your part, and keep her out of trouble.
Reggie- Cabo Villas- Cabo San Lucas.

Natasha is VERY special! I enjoyed discussing philosophy with her. She is a woman who is very intelligent and very hot!
Anton- Four Seasons – Punta Mita

Ok now, I know it isn’t Brandi sending me these messages. So come clean now, who have I been chatting with? ? Not that I’m disappointed, I thought Brandi was better than expected. With that said, Brandi, if you read this, I had a wonderful time with you! If I ever return to Cabo, I would be sure to try and look you up. If you ever come to the US, I can be found in Southern Oregon when I’m off work. A visit from you would be unexpected, but oh so wonderful. I miss you already.
Roger- Wyndham – Cabo San Lucas.

Hi, Melissa, Thanks for the follow-up. I was going to email you today but this is better. I had a great time with Stefani, she’s a doll and very sweet! I loved her dimpled smile. I used PVEscorts a couple times last year and both your service and Stefi far exceeded their service, so thanks much. Also her english is much better than my spanish!! She and I also talked about the posibility of a GFE sometime. You can tell her that I felt she was very sweet. Thanks
Jim- Conchas Chinas

Wow Mandy was Wonderful! She’s a sweet heart and gorgeous. Thank you!
Art- St Regis-Punta Mita

Mandy was amazing…!!! i would like to be with her again, and even better accompanied by another beauty. Also, I am interested in Britney and Megan, I’ve seen girls all over Mexico ( and Europe), but have never seen the amount of high quality females that you represent.
Jean Claude- Gran Sol -PV . Via Norwich , U.K.

As usual, you all did great! Teresa and I were delighted with Tiffany…Thanks ! Stan and Teresa- Grand Mayan NV Hi Melissa, Mandy was such a nice person! I told her she was more beautiful than I expected! I will certainly be contacting you again!
Scott- Mismaloya

Hello Melissa I could tell immediately Daisy was new to the business. She was still open and responsive and I felt she enjoyed the time we had together. She was not rushedand took her time. Thank you for suggesting her. Every time you have suggested someone she turned out being as good as or better than I expected. Thank you for being there.
James- Gringo living in PV.

Hi I’m a local guy. For many years I have gotten the services from PV Playmates……and other agencies…..PV Barbies, Massages Juliettes, PV Chicas PV Escorts, etc…This week I had two experiences ……….One.) Pv barbies or Vallarta Caliente is the same, and the other PV playmates, Mandy. I can only say that PV playmates is the symbol of quality, true beautiful women, and amazing girls….There is nothing that compares to Mandy in all of PV. My time with PV Playmates Mandy, I can only say that this woman is incredibly beautiful, the photos that appear in her ads are real and I can say that the cost does not compare to what I received from her, as a woman that I want to see and enjoy over and over again ……eres increiblemente hermosa¡¡¡.
John- Motel Dunas

Thank you, Holly is an amazing girl! WOW! – Joe. Gran Sol Melissa, Have you seen the website ? It’s a web site about the adult biz in PV and there is a section in there about escort agencies and yours got the only good remarks. Good job ! I only use you.I have in the past used pvescorts and was not happy with the girl. Your girls are the Best!
Rick – Marina Vallarta

Melissa I notice there some reviews in your website, so I’m taking an opportunity to share my experience with the service and the girls. First as an escort agency is superbly run, efficient, professionally attend with immediately responses, accurate (don’t fake pictures) the attributes of the girls are well describe (I’ll say with an excellent command in English with words that have the essence, finest, inspire imagination and set a category above the even a high standard)I like the personal attention for my questions or request and the thank you messages after the service. (personally Melissa I love your English because make me look for the meaning as many times I ignore it, because Spanish is my first language so when I understand the words you use or sayings show me the upscale of your command in English) Of course I will try again, and again your agency and not doubt I will recommended . Now the girls (I start with Holly but later Brandi and Penelope) Holly is drop-dead gorgeous, dream body firm,( 34c-24-34 5ft 7) light skin, soft like silk, beautiful, I mean really beautiful face, light spirit, willing to please, witty, funny, open minded, very clean, understanding, lustful at times and caring. she is a dream girl, fantastic. well worth at any cost. I’ll have a memory that nobody or nothing can take away from me. time well spend.
Marco from Los Cabos

Melissa Thanks so much, we have a great time, Holly is special, let me know when she come back again to Cabo San Lucas- Mitch – Hotel Diamante Holly was excellent. What a lovely girl! Like you said she did look better in person and had a fantastic attitude. I enjoyed her maturity as well as her rock hard body. She was a lot of fun. I’d give her a 10 in looks, intelligence, personality and attitude. I have already recommended her to a friend and will continue to do so. She actually exceeded my expectations. Good recruiting job! Thanks again
Scott .Pedegral Cabo San Lucas

Brandi was very nice and cute in a way that is very sexy. Thank you!- Paul- Pueblo Bonita Cabo San Lucas Wow,what a nice treat …Brandi’s awesome girl ! ?
Scott- Dreams San Jose, Baja Sur

Hello Melissa, I have been reminded that the reason PV Playmates has higher rates is not only because the ladies that they provide are higher quality but also because of the great communications and security that is provided by you. You are the best!
Gregory- Gringo living in Puerto Vallarta

Hi Stefi, I am at the airport getting ready to take off. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed being with you. Your friend Brandi was full of energy and she was hot. Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to meet Penelope. Tell her next time when I come back she gets to go second. after you. I have to say that you have a great tasting pussy and a rocking little body!
Kurt- Westin, Cabo San Lucas

Thanks so much Brandi was so hot! She has a really nice ass. And she is a good kisser.
Kevin- Hilton Los Cabos

Mandy was awesome, sexy, easy to get along, polite, kind, fun, conversational, no clock watching and great GREAT sex!
Victor- Motel Dunas

Playmate REVIEWS Part 2 Melissa, I had to drop you a note. Wow, Penelope, Brandi, Mandy!! Each one so sweet and so well put together. I am convinced you have the best stable of girls in all of Mexico. The main thing, besides their obvious beauty and class, is they made me feel like a better man. Please let me know when other will visit Los Cabos. This area has been yearning for girls like yours. Best
Matthew- Cabo San Lucas.

This has been the best trip ever! Jessie was GREAT!!! The quality of your girls in unmatched!
Frank- Marriot Casamanga

Natasha. I had a wonderful time with you. I am so happy and feel so good. My dream and fantasy is loving a woman like you, Im so lucky to have found you. Your so beautiful, sexy and smart . Cant wait to see you again . You are a real woman. Gran Beso
Marcel – Presidente Intercontinental

Melissa….oh my god! Mandy is really one in a million…in every category….beautiful, intelligent, but honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! Thank you for the recommendation.
Michael -Sheraton Bungavillas.

Hi Melissa, Thanks for all the fun, your girls are definitely a cut above, especially Alaska. Had to leave town, hope to be back soon. Todd- ME Cabo. OMG Britney was excellent!!!
Brad – Westin Marina.

Thank you Melissa for recommending such a sweet , pretty and petite cutie like Stefani. Not only is she great in bed and sexy, but such a nice person and I felt like I could marry her!
Martin- Sheraton Bungavillas.

Sophi was better than I expected! A GREAT girl! Thank you and I know she came from PV all the way out here to Sayulita. She was worth the wait. I am very happy!
Steven- Casa Tortuga- Sayulita

Wow Jessie, She is very nice, still shy!! but delicious!! thanks!!
Joe Marriott Casamgana

I enjoyed Jessie’s company very much. Her innocence in an industry that can toughen young ladies is refreshing. Hopefully she will be able to retain it for as long as possible.
James- Gran Sol

Alaska, I loved every minute of our time together and must see you again soon! I will email you again tomorrow morning about potentially meeting up in the daytime tomorrow. Thanks again, you are so talented and amazing. I cannot wait until our next meeting.
Curtis- Dreams- San Jose Cabo

Alaska, You’re a very sweet girl…..thanks for stopping by. I am very happy ? And please….be careful!
Thomas- Westin- Los Cabos

Melissa, Had another great evening with Natasha. I am enjoying her company very much and hope I can get to see her each time she is in from GDL. Richard, Marina Vallarta. Alaska is a very sweet, affectionate girl. I really liked her a lot. Thank you for suggesting that we get together.
Derek- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Melissa,Well, I have to say I had a spectacular time last night with Natasha. We have a number of intellectual and personal interests in common and that very much enhances and validates the physical connection. It was really great, Melissa. I would love to see her again.Thanks for everything
Donald -Sheraton Bungavillas

In my pre-trip perusing of the offerings in PV I found the agency PV Playmates which got good recommendations and seemed straight up. As well their website indicated the girls could get onto the resorts. So I emailed Melissa at the agency and inquired who was on that day; If I was doing this I didn’t want to wait. She replied that Tiffany was on and could be ready in a couple of hours. Huh, Tiffany was the one American that worked at the agency. That was a bit of a downer since I was geared up to see a Latin girl, but I was gung-ho so Tiffany it would be. However, I inquired if Penelope would be available later in the week. Yes she would but Melissa felt that Tiffany could likely walk in because she was Caucasian. Now this is where my luck turns for the good. You see, I was going through a bad streak. Before I left for Mexico I had three ladies in a row either cancel at the last minute or not show up at all for confirmed sessions. So, I felt there was a bit of a cloud over my pooning activities. However, when Tiffany showed up at my door that afternoon the clouds spread and the sun came out. Tiffany walked in wearing a little sun dress and sweater to cover up where her wrist band should be. She was in her mid-twenties, slender with a D cup enhanced chest and nice bottom. She was also very pretty with wonderful full lips. We sat down and started chatting and Tiffany told me about how security asked what room she was staying in and she immediately engaged them in conversation about restaurant recommendations and they never came back to the room number question. Conversation with her was natural, she’s really easy going and I was very comfortable with her. Well, eventually that was it for the chit-chat and off came the clothes. Yup, the sun dress wasn’t lying; Tiffany has a great body. She isn’t big into French kissing, a personal preference more so than a restriction, but she is a good kisser regardless with those beautiful lips. She was both physically and verbally responsive to my enjoyment of all her wonderful places. And when it was my turn she displayed great oral skills. It was a thoroughly fantastic full GFE session. So fantastic that I saw her the next two days as well. I would have seen her even more, but she had to leave town for a bachelor party she was entertaining at. The last day she brought with her a mesh body stocking she bought to wear at the stag and modeled it for me, creating more memories of my once in a lifetime encounter with this beauty. My luck held up because Tiffany got into the resort all three days without a hitch and then when she was leaving for the final time a security guard asked to see her bracelet. I’m so glad that fate ended up selecting Tiffany for my Mexican adventure. She’s hot, intelligent, fun to be around and great in bed. Her rate through the agency is $3000 pesos/hr, which is about $240 CDN. I thought it was great VFM and highly recommend her.
Brandon- Vallarta Palace

Jaki was just what he doctor ordered! Many thanks for the fine service.
David- Chicago, IL. Westin PV

Mandy is an exquisite creature. Her photos do not do her justice. That face with that body kind of knock you off guard. One moment I want to kidnap her and just watch her run around naked all day, and the next I want to send her to boarding school so that nothing bad will ever happen to her. That angelic face with that body… what a deadly combination. It was hard to leave her.
Matthew- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Natasha and Tiffany were fabulous. You have a very special group!! Nice job!
Mark & Nate-Grand Mayan-Nuevo Vallarta

Hi Melissa, Just a note to let you know how much I loved being in PV, and how very much I miss your beautiful, sweet girls. I smile every time I think about you all, which is often. Any of your girls would melt all of the snow in Wyoming with one glance. Thanks again, for memories of a lifetime. See you next February!
Jonathan- Playa Los Arcos Hotel

Melissa- on my way to airport. Such a great visit with Tiffany. Super girl. I also fell in love with Jaki. Off to US now. Thanks for adding so nicely to my stay in PV.

Mandy, I just wanted to thank you for the other day. I truly enjoyed my time with you. You are extremely sexy and absolutely GORGEOUS! Of course some of that is due to your physical appearance. But in my opinion, a larger part of your beauty comes from you as a person… Your social skills, kindness, intelligence, warmth and realness. Again, thank you. I hope to see you again soon. Oh and…. If you could send me a couple sexy photos, I would truly appreciate it and would not share with or show to anyone.
Jason- Cabo Villas

Sophi, I had an amazing time. You a re beautiful and sweet young woman. I want to see you again!
Greg- Hotel Rosita

Penelope : One word: Wonderful. Talk to you in March, when I’m sure I’ll ask to see Penelope again. Thanks for everything.
Daniel- Villa Premiere

Thanks, Melissa for your efficiency and promptness. As was Jaki. She is startlingly good looking. She has a great figure and is just simply charming with clothes on or off. Her skills are Homeric and effort sublime. I think I fell in love. She is a young MILF with a sparkling smile and a charm that is unmatched. I hope to see her again if I return to PV. She is my ATF and I am a senior.
Jack–Canto del Sol

Hi Melissa,Thank you so much for the wonderful connection. Jaki is a pure jewel! I enjoyed myself immensely and was so pleased with her. I will certainly use your service again on my next visit.
Thomas- Sheraton Bungavillas-Puerto Vallarta

Melissa: Just have to tell you what a great time we had with Penelope & Natasha! What great women they are. You run a class operation! We’ll see them again.
Todd and Steven- Four Seasons- Punta Mita

“Mandy was a home run”!. Another satisfied customer.
Gerard- Los Cabos Hilton

Melissa, I had a most enjoyable time with Jaki last night, as usual. She really is a great person and one of the most sexy women I’ve ever met. Thanks for arranging things on such short notice. I’m sure that when I’m back later in the Spring, I’ll be asking to see her again.
Donald- Buenventura Hotel

Most probably would not believe it is true. I have traveled all across USA and MX, but I really think your service and the quality of girls you deliver is the best in North America!
James- Club Regina/Westin-Puerto Vallarta

Natasha and Mandy we’re fantastic! WOW!
Brad- Marriott Puerto Vallarta

FYI: Tiffany was amazing. She’s a real sweetheart and I loved everything about her. Very glad she was the one I got to meet.
Samuel- Paradise Village

Mandy was amazing! Unfortunately something came up that I need to re-schedule my appt with Fawn tonight. I hope that does not cause too many problems. I would however like to reschedule for tomorrow close to the same time. If she is available I would like to see both Britney and Fawn. My schedule is more flexible on Saturday so if 7 doesn’t work please let me know what time you have. Thank you
Bernard – Westin-Puerto Vallarta

Sophi performance was incredible, again! I’ll be back in PV in a few days and I’m stunned by Fawn’s pictures. Hope to see Fawn when I return!- I’ve traveled around the globe and there is literally, no finer quality in the world, then the girls you represent.
Mark-Villa Premiere

My evening with Mandy was most excellent! I’ve probably told you this many times before, but Mandy is very sweet and genuine. I’m not sure what I’m looking for in this (or these) relationships(s), but I want the experiences to be meaningful on more than just the physical level. Believe me, the ironies of all this are not lost on me! Anyway, I could see myself having a date with Mandy every few weeks, but alas, she is off to Cabo. Hopefully, you can let me know when she might be free on her occasional visits back to PV.
Dean- Conchas Chinas

Penni is a great kisser and very passionate. I was trying to think after my date with Mandy on what was my favorite position for when I get with her again. I couldn’t decide because she was fantastic whatever she did. Although I think Mandy enjoyed our time together. Penelope has that X factor.Whatever the case, they are both superb! I would have a difficult time picking which one is better, so I want to see them both again… together. If that is ok?
Derek- Westin Puerto Vallarta

Wow! Sophi was really amazing. I had the best time ever!
Michael- Buenaventura Hotel

Hey Cindi, I just wanted to say thank you for your time today. I enjoyed it. I know you are a great person. I wish the best for you. Thanks again.
Steven – Hotel San Marino

Melissa, As we are leaving today I wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had with Mandy. She was beyond expectations and one of the most gorgeous women we have ever seen- gentle and passionate. She was wonderful with my wife and the experience was perfect. Give her our absolute best. Thanks,M & E, Sunset Plaza Mandy is everything you promised and more. I treated her like the princess she is. I may be in love he he ? Can I see her again tomorrow at 9:30 PM?
Brad- Icon Vallarta.

Mandy- WOW! I expected cold professional confidence. She arrived and I could not take my eyes off her. Natural non made up beauty, pleasant, genuine, sweet and sincere. She was sure of herself and in touch with my desires. Please tell her so.
Gregory -Westin Puerto Vallarta

Happy New Year Melissa, and thank you so very much again. It is your girls that made a HUGE difference in my life. I saved all year for the trip, and my only wish was that I could have been more generous in showing my true appreciation.Thoughts of you all will never be far from my heart. I’m back in cold Montana, and wishing I was back in PV. Mexican girls and women are among the most beautiful in the world, inside and out. Your girls are indeed beautiful and special in every way, and I know what good care you take of them. I appreciated it so much that they took the time afterwards to snuggle and make small talk, more than you will ever know too. My old body is pretty battered, and your girls were so very sweet and kind. I will dream about your girls, and your own kindness, in the months to come and wish only that I could be back there in that beautiful place, with such beautiful people. Your advise, and your wisdom on which girl would be the most perfect also warms my heart. Love
James- Presidente Intercontinental

Wow Alaska!… sweet girl – Thanks!
John- Playa Los Arcos

What a great time I had with Mandy, probably the best yet! You were right in every way about her personality, attractiveness, and desire to please. For the first time, I felt like the time went by way too quickly, and I was truly sorry to see her leave. Most of all I liked her as a person, and, if she is willing, I’d like to see her again before she returns to Cabo.
Dean – Sheraton Bungavillas

Hi Jaki Oh what a night!!!! Amazing!!! Thank you. Lawrence- Marriott Tiffany is a real sweetheart!
Carl- Sheraton Bungavillas.

Melissa, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I stand in awe of you, and of Jaki!!! I also salute your wisdom!!! iI have missed kisses and snuggles more than I thought possible since losing my wife. Jaki is so sweet, and so naughty. You also recommended Tiffany, if she is half as affectionate as Jaki, I’d love to see her, if she’s available, tonight at 7:30??? 2 hours??thanks so much, dear Melissa!
James -Playa Los Arcos Hotel

Hello Mandy, It was great to see you again! You are a special person to visit with. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a good diner on Christmas day. Hugs
Trent Pedergral

Melissa, got together with Britney and Fawn last nite. So very nice!!! Would like to see Fawn again, plus other girls on your wonderful menu!
Jerry- Westin Marina Vallarta

Fawn, Hi sweetheart. thanks so much for the time of my life! You are so very pretty and hot! I’d love to see you again, love
Jeff – Playa Los Arcos Hotel.

Mandy , We are at the airport on our way home :(…wish we could stay longer. It was very nice meeting you and my wife and I very much enjoyed your company..Thank you! Hopefully we can see you next time we are in Cabo. Take care and be safe.
Daniel & Sherry- Cabo Villas

Melissa, just a quick note to let you know that Jaki and I had a delightful time last night. (At least I thought so!) She is everything your description of her says: attentive, affectionate, eager to please and be pleasured and, of course, beautiful. This was my second time with Jaki and even better than the first time. Thanks, as always
Richard – Villa Premiere

Un-fucking-beleivable! Mandy was the best I have ever had!
Ken- MElia Cabo San Lucas.

Mandy, Thank you from giving me one of the most memorable evenings I’ve had in a long time. Have a safe trip home, you’re a very special person.
Samuel- Hilton Los Cabos.

Hi Melissa. Mandy has just left after a wonderful time.She’s everything you said and a bit more on top. Gorgeous, caring, funny, gentle and a real tiger in the bedroom. If only I could have met someone like her and settled down, woman of her quality ruin it for me in the dating world!!! Thanks very much.
Sebastian- ME Hotel- Cabo San Lucas

Mandy just keeps getting better and better! Wow! More lovely and entertaining each time . I recommend her to all of my friends. If any of my friends get together with Mandy it’s a win/win situation. I even recommend her to my married friends; she could could relieve a lot of tension and possibly even save a marriage!
Steven- Los Cabos

Just wanted to say thanks…Stefani was adorable and we had many laughs communicating by Internet translators and our combined language skills! LOL!
Tom- Marival -Nuevo Vallarta

Everything was great! Your driver picked me up off the cruise ship right on time. Alaska was great!! had a ton of fun. Thanks! This is the best service in ALL of Mexico! I will DEF use you guys again. First class all the way!
Adam- Burbank, CA- Princess Cruise in PV.

Britney has a tiny body and she is really sexy and fun. I spent a great time with her!
Rene- Marriott Casamanga

Another satisfying experience. Mandy just gets better every time. She such an amorous young lady; and she knows how to make a grown man wobble at the knees seemingly without trying. I have not met such a natural in some time. Where did you find her? Thanks again
Scott- Cabo Villas.

I was very impressed with Mandy last night. I have a grin on my face that I cannot remove. Mandy’s fame is spreading rapidly here in Cabo. Nice job Melissa!
Solomon- Pedegral- Cabo San Lucas

I can not say how amazing the girls were. Fawn, Penelope and Britney were such great girls and treated us very well. In fact, I would love to see Britney again if possible. We leave on Tuesday morning, so tomorrow would be preferable. It’s probably too late tonight.
Joe- Villa Bonita-Mismaloya

Hi Mandy! Thank you for a night to remember! You are a special woman. I hope to see you in the future. xoxo
Thomas Westin- Cabo San Lucas

Melissa I usually do not write anything or say much after a pleasant experience. But I must tell you Fawn is Excellent!!!! I have a new favorite and she has a beautiful and incredible body I going to need a discount card hahahah! I want a pre-paid PV Playmates card for two hours! Wow, Fawn is really beautiful! You guys are the best there is!
Ronald- Gran Sol

Hey Melissa, I just got back from my date with Mandy and I wanted to write you before I went to sleep and let you know what a pleasant experience I had. Mandy is a very sweet, classy, sexy and well educated young lady. She presented herself well and carries herself with class and confidence. She had a smile on her face the whole time and her performance in bed was second to none. I wasn’t expecting such a knockout; her photos don’t do justice to what a great body she has. She confided in me that this was her first experience with a paid customer. I feel honored. I noticed that she seemed a little nervous at first but she got over that quickly You certainly did a good thing by recruiting her. She should quickly rise to one of your most sought after girls. What a sweetheart! Hang on to that one; she’ll do well in this business. Mandy will be on the top of my recommendation list. Thanks again
Scott- Cabo San Lucas

Penelope is by far one of the best girls, if not the best girl, I have ever met with, her attitude, conversation, energy and … well … everything ? . Take care of her, and all of your girls, it shocked me when I found out this is legal here (even though from looking around online it seems some things have changed recently.) However what you have, your family of sorts, is wonderful. Thank you so much for everything, I have had a great time here, and if I ever make it back I will without a doubt be in contact with you. Thanks again
Bradley – Conchas Chinas. Chicago, Il

Hi Melissa, Tiffany was Great absolutely.
Carl – Gran Sol

Natasha was top notch, great girl! Thanks so much.
Bradford- Westin Club Regina

Wow, great job is all I can say. Sophi was fantastic, and every time I come to Mexico I swear to myself I am going to learn Spanish, now I am kicking myself. Please tell her she was wonderful, that she is beautiful and that I am sorry that I was not very much verbal entertainment for her, hehe. She did a great job, language barrier is tough. Cesar ( your driver) was great as well, professional and we had a great conversation. I will contact you later this week, would love to use your service again (maybe even again)
Brandon- Mismaloya -via Atlanta, GA

Melissa, I just wanted to let you know I had a great time with Jaki. I have used escort services all over the world and Jaki is one of the best.
Gregory- Marival Suites- Nuevo Vallarta

Just wanted to say I’m glad to have been with Jaki. She’s classy, great service, girlfriend experience, she’s something special. Thank you
William- The Sheraton

Alaska, please do not forget me. You are the only one I want to see. You are the best I have ever been with. I will see you every time I am in PV.
Ron- Motel Dunas

Morning Natasha, hope you are not hung over like we are ? Wanted to say thanks and we had a great time last night with you! You were amazing and for it being the first time for my wife with another female, we could not have asked for a more quality experience. You are exceptional. Have fun surfing today!
Tom and Terry- Riu Jalisco

Alaska is the sweetest girl I have ever seen. Wish she was still in Cabo! Thanks for making it so effortless.
Trent- Cabo San Lucas

Review of PV Playmates: I am returning to the US soon but I wanted to take the time to write this review so other clients looking for top-of-the-line escorts won’t be fooled by competitor’s ads or misleading claims. Melissa has been the director of operations for several years now and works very hard to keep PV Playmates as the #1 escort service in Puerto Vallarta. One of the surprising characteristics of the Playmates is their on time commitment. We all know that being on time in Mexico is a rarity but PV Playmates strives to coordinate everything involved perfectly down to the last detail. When I say everything involved I am referring to the fact that some of the girls are in school and have different class times on different days. Many of the girls are actually students and very well educated and are continuing their education every day. There is also different distances to travel, traffic snarls, and many other variables that affect the appointment of each escort. At no time, however, will a substitute show up at your door saying they are your escort. The Playmate and price you agree to is what arrives to your door. I must also mention the response time of PV Playmates compared to other escort agencies. I get an immediate response every time from PV Playmates while I may not even get a response for a day or more likely none at all from other agencies. I could go on and on why I trust and use PV Playmates as my exclusive escort service but what it eventually all boils down to is the quality of the girls and the trust I have in the guidance of Melissa or other office employees answering inquiries for an appointment with a Playmate. So here is a review of the escorts I have seen on my several month stay. Some I have seen more than once and others just once. I must add that I think many, if not all, of the girls will get better with more experience and guidance from Melissa. I can’t wait to return to Puerto Vallarta next year to see the new girls Melissa has in store for me. The word is out about the great reputation of PV Playmates to treat its clients and employees fairly. Remember, this is a relatively young company. This means more beautiful girls for me and you as PV Playmates starts to grow in leaps and bounds. Daisy: Not just another small framed Mexican girl with dark toned skin. Although not a Playmate she is a girl that works under Melissa’s guidance. It would not surprise me if Daisy someday becomes a playmate. It’s unbelievable how nice of breast with which she has been endowed. Very pretty, always smiling, and very active in any of the positions I would request. She is weak on English but it encourages me to learn Spanish for the next time I come to Mexico. I definitely repeated with Daisy. China: A gorgeous, tall, dark skinned beauty with long flowing black hair. Fantastic breasts. She could easily be a 10 if she would smile more. I must truthfully say that my date with China did not go very well. Perhaps I did something that gave China a bad attitude. I emailed Melissa later about the bad experience with China and she responded back to me immediately. Without going into detail I will just say Melissa said she had a long talk with her and the bad attitude China expressed with me should be corrected with future clients. I would have loved to have been China’s next date after the talk Melissa had with her. I would not have a repeat date with China because of my initial date not being a good experience and as a matter of principle. I would still recommend her for anyone else. Alaska: A light skinned, very beautiful, with a fantastic personality, more than ample breasts, and reasonably good English. I don’t know if I was special or not beings I had several dates with her but she was a fantastic kisser and definitely added to the pleasure of the date. Very funny, cuddle, very nice body, and always smiling. Very adequate and enthusiastic in every position we did on each date. A girl- next- door type who you would want to be friends with forever. I wish I could put her in my suitcase and take her home with me. She will not only get better sexually but her English will be much better as time goes on. Alaska is definitely a class act. I have and would again repeat with Alaska. Fawn: If large natural breast is what you like then Fawn has the best breasts of the Playmates I had dates. Beautiful black straight hair with piercing eyes and able to perform in any sexual position. I can’t imagine how fantastic she will be in a few years. Even though she had a great attitude I would definitely like to see her smile more as it would only enhance her personality and beauty. I must admit I tried to get an intimate video of her and she discovered what I was doing. She now refuses to see me again and I don’t blame her. I was wrong for what I did and now must pay the penalty of not being able to see her again. I recommend her for anyone for a date. Britney: If you saw her anywhere else you would be worried she is jail bait. The light freckles across the bridge of her nose are very sexy to say the least. She is definitely an up and cummer and I think will be the quickest learner of them all. Brit is a very sexy, bi-sexual girl that I highly recommend for a threesome with Penelope. Britney is highly intelligent and speaks fluent English. She may become the Eva Peron of Mexico and a world leader. I was with her several times and she showed noticeable improvement each time. I can’t imagine how good she will be in another year. Of course she will have Penni to tutor her during threesomes and that will only enhance her temporary vocation. I loved her smile and personality. She was very appreciative of not only me choosing her but any time I gave her a compliment she would give me a sincere thank you. I repeated several times with her and would again. Penelope: The Maestro!!! Also bi-sexual. I know I have said a lot of great things about the other Playmates but Penni is still the reigning champion of the Playmates and I don’t see anyone ever being able to take the championship away from her. Never, and I mean never, have I had such fantastic sex with a girl in my life. My last sex with any of the playmates was with Penni because I knew she would leave me sexually fulfilled for a long time, or at least until I can get back to Vallarta. Sexy voice, sexy English, sexy body, sexy personality, and literally gives off an aura that wreaks of sex. Melissa had a hard time convincing me to pay that much money for Penni but I’m glad she talked me into it. And now I even payed for Penni and Brit together once and glad I did. Everyone should try a threesome at least once. The French have an expression of “je ne sais quoi” which is appropriate for Penelope. It is impossible to accurately describe just how good Penelope is as a sex partner without just saying you have to be with her to know how fantastic she is as a sexual partner. I have know her for a year and a half and it just never gets dull with her. Each time is a very satisfying experience which I will repeat again, and again, and again…….
Donald- Marina Vallarta- Snowbird from Chicago,Il

I have been with Stefi and you are right Melissa, she is very nice….cute face and body, I had a good time with her..I like her laugh…I DEF will see her again when I return to PV.
Al – Motel Dunas

Britney and Penelope were FANTASTIC! What a wonderful experience!!. We definitely will repeat. Thank you !
Phillip and Mark- Punta Mita

Jaki, Good morning. I had a very very very good time last night. Thanks.
Todd- Marina Vallarta

Hi Melissa Thank you for hooking me up with Natasha. We spent more time talking and getting to know each other than anything else. She is very intellectual and very sexy. I was talking to her about her education and wanted to give her some more insight on her schooling. Please pass along my cell phone number to her.
Roger- Marival Resort

Jaki- Wow that was some of the best fun I’ve had in a long, long time! Now I remember why I have been thinking about you for months! Your gorgeous, sweet, and really really sexy… Maybe we’ll get a chance to do that again before my girlfriend arrives, we’ll see (I’m not trying to make you jealous, really ? Thanks again Sweetheart!
Joe- Hotel Barcelo

Penelope, in my entire life, not just the girls I saw through Melissa, I mean my whole life…you were the best sex I’ve ever had. I’m speechless.
Pete- Gran Sol

Hi Melissa, Thank you again… Fawn is special: showed up right on time, gorgeous young body and real fun and sweet…You never go wrong, do you?
Phillip- Gran Sol

Britney…man, that was early. You’re a trooper! Amazing time as always- You are great and very special!
Miles- Gran Sol

Hi Melissa.. What a difference with your agency over the others! I had a great time with Britney she was very nice and very pretty. Now I see why people recommend you, like my friend did to me. Thank you, Charles- Gran Sol Melissa I’ll definitely recommend PV Playmates to my friends – your girls are great. I like them better than selections in some agencies in Cancun, for example. My next visit I will make sure no businesses left behind – so nothing can spoil my vacations. Talk to you in a few months. Regards
Paul- Melia Marina

Of all the lovely girls I spent time with, Fawn, Alaska, Tiffany and Jaki; Natasha was the BEST ONE!- Thank you!
Dick- Gran Sol

I am booked at the Marriott Casa Magna…February 17 for 6 days…and will want to see one or more of your ladies while I am there. Thx for sending all the pics. You are by reputation THE best agency in PV and the girls and your service is worth the asking price.
James- Chicago, Il.

Fawn was fantastic. I had a great time. I unconditionally recommend her and I will most certainly repeat. Pretty face, perfect tight body and great attitude!
Brian- Motel Dunas

Fawn was great! Very lovely and VERY sweet!!! She is a GREAT girl!
Robert- Gran Sol

I have the utmost respect for Britney with using her brains and beauty to achieve the level of education she desires.Brit is definitely a keeper. Melissa and PV playmates have once again struck gold. So many of your girls are precious just like her and keep clients coming back for more and referring them to other potential clients. – Keep doing whatever it is you are doing!
Donald- Westin Marina

Melissa, We wanted to let you know what a great time we had last night with Sophi. We were pleasantly surprised when her and Cesar your driver, arrived to pick us up at the scheduled time, we went to the Gran Sol, which is very nice, and we had the best time with Sophi. As a couple, sometimes we have difficulty finding a gal that is comfortable with me, the female, around. Sophi did a great job, was very willing to do what we wanted and is a very sweet gal. We just wanted to let you know that you are running a great business and we will definitely pass along our positive experience with others people with our interests. Kind Regards
Tim and Jenny

Britney is very pretty (great butt! I love a round butt). I enjoyed my time with her!
Bruce- Playa Los Arcos Hotel

Penelope has the vibe; I’ll definitely see Penni again when I return! WOW
Matt- Punta Negra

Gracias Britney, You are a beautiful woman and I will remember your smile and “Mi Amigas” ;). I wish you good health and great happiness. Via con Dios
Thomas- Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta

Britney, no other woman can compare to you. I would wish that you not lose your innocence pero in your work, as perhaps in life, I fear this is not possible. Por favor grant me a favor may I have a pic of your sweet face to remember you? I will be the only one to view it. Take care, mi querida.
Dennis- Westin, Marina Vallarta

Alaska was a super star! Very sweet & friendly. She was a joy to host. Thanks again for knowing exactly what I would like. PV Playmates are fantastico! Best
James- Presidente Intercontinental Hotel- Mismaloya

“Hi, I rarely write or follow up with services that I have used in the past. If it is a good experience, I tell others. However, in this case I feel it is warranted to send a Thank You and to let you know that you truly run a first-class operation. We were four men here on business in a luxury villa. We are not cheap by any means ( The private villa ran us 2,800 US per night) . We are all quite successful businessmen. Thus, when it came to choosing four females to spend time with us, our expectations were not lofty. We took the time to actually study and research who we thought was the best agency, with the prettiest and most up-scale girls. We decided that you girls at PV Playmates, “looked” like the best outfit in town. It was your communication, photos and over-all feeling we felt when corresponding with you. To say our expectations were exceeded, is an understatement! Jaki, Tiffany, Natasha and Sasha, were not only pretty, upscale and beautiful, but they were quality young women! We laughed, conversed about many topics and then when it came to the fun time, all of us were in awe! Cudos to whatever it is you are doing! Keep doing it! After experiencing your flock, we are confident there is nothing better in Puerto Vallarta, or in Mexico for that matter. The girls spoke English., they dressed fantastic and were happy and warm. The price was fair and we felt we got more than what we paid for. I will recommend you to others like us, successful gentleman who prefer nothing but the best in all things.. Hats off to you and your team PV Playmates! Incredible and Fantastic service!- We will use you again on our visit next year”.
Patrick, Rick, Steven and Jonathon-San Francisco, CA

Daisy was spectacular! Thank you so very much for an experience to cherish.
Joseph- Playa Los Arcos Hotel

Melissa, I enjoyed Jaki more than I can express. She is very experienced and thourough. I just wish we had more time. Next visit with Jaki will be longer than an hour. She is worth it.
Ronald- Motel Dunas

Jaki was AMAZING I’m thinking the words that describe this girl without being disrespectful. She’s got SKILLS, STAMINA, KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE YOU, ALLURING BODY what else would you want?? Don’t settle for less, and best of all she is the M I L F NEXT DOOR. Thanks Melissa for JAKI it makes all the girls from before bite the dust THAT’S WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.
Vincent- Gran Sol

In regards to Sophi. I am a senior citizen and to me Sophi is the complete woman. For one so young, she was very accomplished and willing to do anything to make me happy. I have seen others here and she by far is the best. You get what you pay for and to me this lady was worth every penny..I will see her again in December and I can’t wait. Good luck Sophi, see you soon.
L Davies, USA

Melissa , Thank you for providing a great service and for helping to look after the girls. It was a great time with Alaska!
Andrew- Sheraton Bungavillas

Thanks Melissa, Sophi was very special!
Frank- Melia Resort Marina

Alexis, you are an excellent girl I hope can see you again!
Rene- Marriot Casamagna

Thank you Melissa… Brandi showed up right on time and she is really fresh and special… You are really good at this and I will never venture into anything like this without your advice… Best
Patrick- Four Seasons, Punta Mita

Buenos dias Melissa, Alexis was fun…great body! I would definitely see her again. If I had to choose one though, Penelope is numero uno….she’s really fun….amazing stamina and sex!! I’ll be I’m touch….thanks as always for the great service!
Michael – Villa Del Palmar

As you can see I contacted you two years ago and used your services for several days, I am going back to PV this month and would like to do it again. I have traveled across the world and your stable of girls and level of service is superior! Thank you in advance
Frank- Westin Club Regina

Gracias….El gusto es mio Melissa! Great girls and fantastic service!- Martin- Fiesta Americana Melissa, When I met Sophi yesterday( I am glad i did, she is a very nice person) she said it was the secretary for the agency who was writing, I just wanted to comment on how good you are at your job. you handled the whole conversation and probably the price negotiation as well, got to tell you you are good!
Bernard- Mismaloya

Tiffany, You made an impression. Loved licking you all over. A great turn-on. Would like to explore that a little further and see you again. You’re amazing
Roger- Playa Los Arcos Hotel

Hi Sophi, I had very good time with you, I really enjoyed. Because of you, I came to my utmost climax. I will come back in October, and I will see you again at that time. Scott- Mayan Palace- Marina In Cancun I would look at the yellow pages and find an ad and call. There was only one place in Cancun that offered services for in-call customers. Luckily it was 1/4 mile from my hotel. I would tell my wife I was going golfing to cover my time in the daytime. I wasn’t able to go out at night by myself. The price they would quote is $250. The spa was clean and you could meet the girls and chose. Sometimes there wouldn’t be many girls there to chose from. The girls were alright, though none as nice as your top girls. The price included massage, sex, and shower and consisted for an hour if you lasted that long. It was just 1 opportunity and they had the nerve to ask for a tip. You could tell they were only there for the money. Your girls are much more personable with the customer and don’t ask for a tip. Its all included in the price. NOW YOU KNOW WHY I APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! PV PLAYMATES RULE!!
David- The Westin Club Regina

Sophi was real good on me. I will have her again in December. three times she did real good slow and long oral on me and then I finished myself inside her. I really loved that.
Samuel- Mayan

Palace Marina Natasha is a great young lady- I really enjoyed her and like her!
Tom-Barcelo Hotel

Brandi you are very very good!!! and so very kind! I fell in love with you!! Please come back to Cabo and see me again and have a safe trip back to Vallarta
James- Pedegral – Cabo San Lucas

Thanks Natasha- I had a great time- Have a good night and a good trip Home
JIM- Cabo San Lucas

Penelope is fabulous!! Sweet, intelligent, gorgeous, fantastic body and amazing sex! What an experience!!! Thanks Melissa for making it happen.
Walter- Motel Dunas